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Website & Videos

Click here to see 25 of Meiji's key attractions presented in numbers in 10 languages!

Featuring three international students of Meiji University and introducing their experiences in Tokyo!

Introducing Meiji University by Japanese and international students. In two videos, the students introduce various topics, including the features of the four campuses, the history of Meiji University, student life and programs for studying abroad.


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Course Numbering

Meiji University has introduced a subject numbering system for fiscal year 2019. To see the purpose of introducing course numbering and examples to utilize it, please click the link below.



From the Faculty: Current Research and Ideas
We believe that a university is a place of learning open to all. Meiji.net is the place to find information about faculty research and contributions to society.
Here you will find a variety of articles and analyses of contemporary issues that represent our professors’ specialized knowledge and original perspectives.

Faculty Database

You can view information on the faculty staff by inputting a name or a key word, or by making a selection from the table arranged in terms of organizational units.

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