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Exchange Student Program

2024 Academic Year Student Exchange Program

All application materials must be submitted to Meiji University by the exchange student program coordinator of your home university. 
The following information is provided in the Fact Sheet.

-Japanese language classes while at Meiji (page 24-)
-Classes offered in English (page 33-) Students do not need to have Japanese language proficiency while at Meiji.

*Please find the Online Application link from the first page of the Exchange Student Application Guidelines.

  1. Exchange Student Application Guidelines (ENG)
  2. Exchange Student Application Guidelines (JPN)
  3. Fact Sheet for 2024 Academic Year (ENG) Updated on December 15, 2023
  4. Fact Sheet for 2024 Academic Year (JPN) Updated on December 15, 2023
  5. Signature of Applicant and the Exchange Student Program Coordinator
  6. Certificate of Health, Updated on December 15, 2023
    • Must be completed by a doctor.
  7. Study Plan for Undergraduate school
    • Applicants to graduate school do NOT need to submit a Study Plan.
  8. Research Plan for Graduate school
    • Applicants to undergraduate school do NOT need to submit a Research Plan.
  9. Application for Certificate of Eligibility
    • Please submit an Excel document of Application for Certificate of Eligibility online. Printed material is NOT required to submit. The link for the online submittion form is indicated at page 2 of Application guidelines(#1 and 2).
    • You must refer to the sample form (#10) and follow the instructions when filling out this form. Insufficient application form may cause the rejection or delay in obtaining the COE.
    • To circle the correct answers on the form, please move a red circle for each part.
    • Please do NOT change and lock the form.
  10. How to fill out Application for Certificate of Eligibility (Sample form)
  11. ID photo guide

List of courses conducted in English(For reference)

How to find syllabus (For reference)




Students who would like to participate in Meiji University Exchange Student Program need to be approved by Meiji University's partner institutions.

To apply for the program, please consult exchange study program coordinator at your home university.

For students who are attending non partner institutions of Meiji University and would like to study at Meiji University for one semester or one year, please refer to Non-Degree Student Program.

Exchange Student Program Introductory Video