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Affiliated Junior High and High Schools

Meiji University Meiji High School and Meiji Junior High School

History and Characteristics

The schools were founded in April 1912 as the Meiji University Junior High School under the old system. These schools, the only affiliate schools Meiji University set up, strive to develop students who will form the core of Meiji University.

The first principal was Fusaaki Uzawa, a Director of Meiji University with a doctorate in law. The schools' principles and traditions were created through the passion, insight, and character of Uzawa, and carefully passing on the spirit of "strong, sturdy and honest". Nearly all of the graduates take advantage of the possibility of being recommended to their desired academic department in Meiji University. Thus education is being unified over the ten years of junior high school, high school and university, such as by recognizing completed courses through high-school and university tie-ups and other efforts while students are still in school.

From April 2008, with the main purpose of taking over and developing regular education policies for boys, the schools made a new start as co-ed schools. At the same time, the schools have decided to move to the Chofu region of the Tama area in Tokyo, for which expectations are high.

Education Policies

As a way of modernizing the "strong, sturdy and honest" principles that were the first school principal's education policy, the basic policy has been changed to developing true "strength to live" once out in society. The schools' education policy has the following six major characteristics.

1. Development of students that will form the core of Meiji University
2. Passing down the spirit of the school motto, "strong, sturdy and honest"
3. Engaging in thorough education of the schools themselves as a focus of investigative learning
4. Development of people with basic humanity
5. Realizing education that balances intellectual, moral and physical education
6. Guidance based on a close collaboration between the school and parents and guardians

4-23-25 Fujimi-cho, Chofu-city, Tokyo 182-0033
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Meiji Nakano High School and Junior High School

Meiji Nakano Hachioji High School and Junior High School