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Financial Aid

By Meiji University (Financial Aid determined before admission)

■ Meiji University International Students Incentive Scholarship Program


Meiji University International Student Incentive Scholarship Program is a scholarship to provide opportunity to study at Meiji University for young, competent students with financial difficulty from target countries/regions.To apply for this program, please read the application guidelines carefully and submit all required documents.

□For 2025 Admission

Target Countries

For 2025 Admission program, Meiji University set the target countries/regions for the program as Appended 1; The countries that Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) set as the target countries/regions and listed on “The DAC List of ODA Recipients”.

■ Meiji University Special Grant for Privately Financed International Students

This program is designed to support promising students from overseas who can contribute to the advancement and globalization of Meiji University's education and research, and to nurture people who will be able to succeed in the international arena. Recipient students will be subsidized for either 50% or 100% of their tuition fees. This grant is offered to undergraduate students who entered via the International Student Exam or English Track Exam from Abroad. Successful students will be nominated by Undergraduate or Graduate School. No application is required.

By Meiji University (Financial Aid determined after admission)

■ Meiji University Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students

This scholarship is for privately financed international students enrolled in a regular course to obtain a degree of Meiji University. It is to support international students with high academic motivation, and considered to be in need of financial support for education. 
It's depending on your student status, so please check Application Guidelines for details on how and when to apply.
The application period has changed since AY2023.

Monthly stipend Eligibility Number of Nominees Selection
 50,000 JPY/ month
Up to 6 months
・Students with excellent personality,
outstanding academic results and have
difficulties in continuing studies for
financial reasons.
・Undergraduates: 2nd year or above
・Graduates: Any year

 160 total
Spring / Fall semester
*The application period differs depending on the student.

■ Meiji University Parents’ Association Union Scholarship for International Students

This scholarship is for International Students with outstanding academic results from Meiji University Parents' Association Union. International education center will name the students. (NOT open application system.)

Stipend  Eligibility  Number of Nominees   Selection
 200,000 JPY ・Students with outstanding academic results
・Undergraduate, Freshman
(One person from each department)
 Spring semester

■ Meiji University Globalization Support Fund Limited Scholarship for International Students

This scholarship is offered for international students from the Globalization Support Fund. It is for 2nd year undergraduate students for outstanding academic achievement.

Stipend  Eligibility  Number of Nominees   Selection
 150,000 JPY ・Students with outstanding academic results
・Undergraduate, 2nd year
(2 students from each department)
 Spring semester
(For English Track students who enroll
in September: Fall semester)

■ Meiji University Emergency Scholarship for International Students

This is an emergency scholarship for international students enrolled at Meiji University who are facing financial difficulties in their studies due to a sudden change of living environment. 
Financial Support Example of sudden change in living environment Acceptance of applications 
 One-fourth of the annual tuition fee 【Important Note】All of these must be within ONE YEAR of their occurrence and only after enrollment.
(1)Householder's Death, Disappearance, Missing.
(2)Unemployment of householder (Only involuntary loss of employment.Excluding voluntary unemployment, pay cuts, poor performance, etc)
(3)Injuries/Disease of householder (Only in case of difficulties in working due to hospitalization for more than three months).
(4)Extensive damage of householder's house from natural disasters or fires.
 Any time 

■ Meiji University Tuition Assistance (Reduction) Program for Privately Financed International Students

 Meiji University offeres the Tuition Assistance (Reduction) Program for Privately Financed International Students who have difficulties in continuing studies for financial reasons. The application period is scheduled in mid-April. (The application period for newly admitted or returning students in fall semester is scheduled in October. However, the students admitted in fall semester are also required to apply in April from the following academic year.)
 The assistance amount is as follows.

Grade Decision criteria for determining tuition assistance Assistance amount
Newly-enrolled Undergraduate Students - 400,000 yen
Newly-enrolled Graduate School Students - 200,000 yen
Newly-enrolled Professional Graduate School Students
M2 or above/D2 or above  In the top 50% in each graduate school 200,000 yen
2nd year or above Professional Graduate School Students
2nd year or above Undergraduate Students In the top 10% in each undergraduate school 400,000 yen
In the top 30% in each undergraduate school 300,000 yen
In the top 60% in each undergraduate school 200,000 yen
*Due to the budget limit, you might not be able to get the Tuition Assistance (Reduction) Program, even if you are meeting the criteria.

By the Japanese Government (MEXT) / JASSO

■ Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students

If you are selected as a recipient of the Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship, you can receive 48,000 yen per month. The duaration of the scholarship is up to 12 months.
The application will be available in April. The scholarship also has reservation program for students by pre-arrival admission.
Announcements will be made to all students via Oh-o!Meiji system or directly to the nominated students. For more information, visit the following JASSO websites.

Scholarship offered by the foundations

There are approximately 50 types of scholarships offered by the foundations every year. The application method, duration stipend amount are different depending of each scholarship. For details, please see the following website.