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Employment situation of foreign international students

In recent years the number of foreign students at Meiji University who wish to put to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired here and stay in Japan and work in Japanese corporations after graduation has been increasing. Many businesses too increasingly want to hire foreigners who have graduated as international students as globalization increases, with businesses expanding overseas, etc.

Job-Hunting in Japan

The domestic job hunting for international students is basically the same as that for Japanese students.
The Career Support Center provides a wide range of support for international students so that students can find suitable jobs and they can display the most of their skills and abilities.
As for the support event, in the spring of the 3rd year undergraduate and 1st year of graduate, we hold “guidance for career path” for international students, and we distribute “the original schedule planner with job hunting tips” to all students. Also, we support international students by holding events such as “report session”, that you get advice from someone who experienced job hunting, and preparation courses for written and interview test. We also provide individual consultations on career paths.
(1) Important Points to Keep in Mind Regarding Job Hunting
■If you are planning to work in Japan after graduation, you should be clear on the reason why you
want to work in Japan and start preparing early. (e.g. “Why do I want to work in Japan?” “Do I want
to gain skills in Japan and go back to home country?” etc.)
■After getting an official job offer, you must complete the necessary procedures at the Immigration
Bureau for receiving Certificate of Qualification for Employment.
(2) Gathering Information for Job Hunting
1) Career Support Center (located on each campus)



Contact and Office Hours


University Hall (2F)

*Please check the website for details.



Building No. 1 (Administration Offices) (1F)


Main Building (Administration Offices) (1F)


High-rise Wing Building (6F)

* Office hours change throughout the academic year. Students should be sure to check the Career Support Center’s website and bulletin board for details.
 2) M-Career……https://meiji.pita.services/career
M-Career is the system for supporting your job-hunting.
If you are looking for a job, please register yourself in M-Career.
On M-Career, you can do following tasks.
■Looking for job infomation
■Reading the job-hunting reports
■Consultation reservation for job-hunting by ZOOM
■Reservation for viewing the OB/OG list
(The list is accessible only at the Career Support Center)
■Checking the job-hunting events etc…
 3) Special Facilities

Special Facilities Contact


Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners

Tel: 03-3358-6564


Foreign Residents Information Center

Tel: 0570-013904

(English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and other languages)

(3) When a job offer is received
It will be necessary to change your student visa to a work visa at the Immigration Bureau in order to qualify for work. If you are late with this, all your job-hunting efforts will be in vain and you will have to return to your home country, so we urge you to be careful about this. When you go through the procedures of changing your visa status you will need many forms. These forms will include your graduation certificate or a certificate of your expected graduation, which you mustn’t forget to obtain from your university. 
■Request from Career Support Center of Meiji University
Please register your career after you graduated and submit your job hunting report on M-Career.