International Strategy

International Strategy

With the rapid progression of globalization, the way nations position themselves is changing, and with this as a backdrop it is plain to see that Japan’s universities are also changing. Ways of thinking are changing as things are seen through an international light, and it is now seen as a matter of urgency to produce graduates who can be active on the world stage. Here at Meiji University, we are aiming to be one of the top universities in this global society, and we are making great strides in innovating education and research at the University. In addition to that, with the founding spirits of "Rights and Liberty, Independence and Self-government", Meiji University is considering the importance of the university social responsibility, especially contributions to the international community.

Top Global University Project (Selected in FY2014)

"Going Global Meiji 8000!"
 - Developing Students with a Frontier Spirit for the Future, by Encouraging Students’ Proactive Learning -

Meiji university was selected for the 2014 Top Global University Project as a (type B) leading-global type university by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

Inter-University Exchange Project (Re-Inventing Japan Project) (Selected in FY2016)

Meiji Univeristy's project “Creation of Innovative Educational System for Sustainable Society and Urban Growth” was selected under the Inter-University Exchange Project (Re-Inventing Japan Project) (Type B, ASEAN -Support for the formation of Collaborative Programs with Universities in Asia) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in FY2016.

Degree Programs in English

I-AUD, Nakano Campus

Meiji University currently offers seven degree programs in English.

< Undergraduate school >
 1. School of Global Japanese Studies (Bachelor's Course)

< Graduate schools >
 2. International Program in Architecture and Urban Design (I-AUD), Graduate School of Science and Technology (Master's Course & Doctoral Course)
     ≫I-AUD Admissions
 3. Mathematical Sciences Program, Graduate School of Advanced Mathematical Sciences (MIMS PhD program) (Doctoral Course)
 4. Frontier Media Science Program, Graduate School of Advanced Mathematical Sciences (Doctoral Course)
 5. Graduate School of Global Governance (Doctoral Course)
 6. Graduate School of Business Administration *Only for Double Masters program students from UTM RAZAK School in Malaysia or Solbridge International School of Business in South Korea.
 7. Graduate School of Governance Studies (Master's Course [Professional Degree])

For more information on international student admission, please check "Admissions" or the links above. 

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