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Site Policy

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This is the Meiji University official website.

・This website is administered and operated by the Public Relations Section, Promotion Division of Meiji University.
・All data and other content of this site, as well as the configuration of the site, may be amended, deleted or discontinued without notice.
・Please direct your opinions or enquiries about this site at


・All copyrights pertaining to this site belong to Meiji University.
・Unauthorized copying or reproduction of any part of this site constitutes a violation of copyrights or other intellectual property rights.


You may, in general, link to this site freely. Please, however, advise when posting a link to this site. Meiji University does not permit links to this site from any of the following.

・Any site with content that may cause the university to incur any disadvantage.
・Any site with content that may injure the credit of the university.
・Any site deemed to violate public morals and order.

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・Any personal information you may provide via this site is administered in accordance with the Meiji University Privacy Policy.

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