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Meiji University Course Numbering

Meiji University has introduced a subject numbering system for fiscal year 2019. The purpose of introducing course numbering and examples to utilize it are as follows.

Purpose of Introducing Course Numbering

The purpose is to help students learn in a structured way by classifying all the subjects offered at Meiji University depending on the academic field, level, etc., numbering each subject, and showing academic significance of each subject. In addition, the course numbering is intended to be a tool to facilitate cooperation with overseas universities.

Examples of Utilizing Course Numbering

Students can utilize the course numbering as follows.

1. Students can understand from which subject they should begin by understanding the importance of the subject in the curriculum from the academic classification, difficulty level, etc. for classes of such subjects.
2. When students study abroad or enter a university in other countries and go through the procedure for recognizing credits, etc. at the university, they can clearly show the status of their learning at Meiji University.
3. We can show the scope of the academic field of the classes taught in our undergraduate school to students from other countries who want to study at Meiji University. In addition, after they enter our university as an international student, they can utilize the course numbering as a reference for choosing subjects to take.

Outline and Structure of Meiji University Course Numbering

All the subjects offered at Meiji University will be numbered based on the following definition of the course numbering code.

Definition of Course Numbering Code

(XX) ABC 1 1 1 J
① Classification Code by Host Faculty
The host institution (undergraduate school, graduate school, commonalities, etc.) offering the subject is shown in two alphabetic characters.

② General Classification Code by Academic Field
This is a general classification of the academic field, and each academic field is shown in three alphabetic characters.

③ Level Code
The level of classes to be taught is shown in one numeric character.

④ Specific Classification Code by Academic Field 
This is a more detailed classification of each academic field classified as a general classification by Meiji University, and is shown in one numeric character as a specific classification.

⑤ Class Type Code
The form of classes is shown in one numeric character.

⑥ Language Code
The language used in classes is shown in one alphabetic character.

*To see the details, click each classification code

Searching for Subject Numbers in Each Course and Course Search by Subject Numbering

These searches are available from the course search menu on the Oh-o! Meiji system.


Enter the Oh-o! Meiji system login screen from the above URL, and login with the common authentication for students and as a guest for non-students.
Once you have logged in, you can search for the course number of each course by clicking on the "Class Search" tab and entering the course you want to search for on the course search screen.
On the other hand, it is also possible to search for courses by course number. On the course search screen, it is possible to narrow down the candidates by Classification Code by Host Faculty, Academic Field, and Level Code.