President's Message

President's Message

President Keiichiro TSUCHIYA

Co-creating a Better Future

Today, the world is surrounded by a network of information – it’s not too much to say that we are standing at a point where we can perceive the whole of humankind as our contemporaries. We share both the hopes and misgivings about our future. We are in an age where people live as “species-beings”. The 19th-century image of a man embodied in the term “species-being” – Marx’s theory of human nature – is being revivified.

The world currently is facing complex and diverse issues and a mission of a university should stand to take action against these crises. We are constantly being asked what we can do as an individual. Scholars in particular have been confronting these issues as a common challenge. However, more of the students will be expected to have the leverage to take action with pliant ideation in bringing better solutions. In order to cultivate this power, university education must not aspire merely to strengthening students’ capabilities; instead, it should orient towards a co-creation of bringing together the individuals’ potential.

The founding spirit of Meiji University is encapsulated in the words “Rights, Liberty, Independence and Self-government.” What is being advocated here in this founding spirit are clearly an agenda amongst humanity that have not yet been attained. Human rights and liberty are being violated by war or terrorism. The issue of poverty has also not been resolved. There are still enormous amount of challenges right before us. Can education serve as a catalyst to facilitate a better future for the world? How can universities advance technology that can help bring forth this great mission? We, as a university, constantly need to reflect upon ourselves these questions.

Meiji University will stand along with our students and co-create ideas and solutions in order for the world to move in a positive direction.

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