Go Forward

Logos & Symbols

The symbol mark

In 2001, we prepared the Meiji University symbol mark as a token of our resolve to embark on a new round of advancement with the arrival of the new century and the approach of the 120th anniversary of our founding. The mark symbolizes Meiji University as a university that is making a big leap and ascending while carrying on its 120-year tradition and heading into the new century. Meiji University issued a call for design entries, and selected the symbol mark from among them.
Taking the “M” of “Meiji” as its motif, the symbol mark is based on the conceptual image of “constantly leaping forward.” It has a readily accessible appearance deriving from its simple design, and conveys a “message for the future” through a novel approach.

The official mascot Meijiro

Meijiro, the official mascot of Meiji University, is based on the motif of an owl, which has long been associated with wisdom. It features wings that are bluish purple, the school color, and large eyes that see far into the distance. The name “Meijiro” is a coinage from “Meiji” and “fukuro,” the Japanese word for owl.
The design was determined in March 2007, after selection from among entries submitted by students, teachers and administrative staff. Initially, Meijiro was used as the mascot of the Public Relations Office. Because it found favor as a graphic manifestation of Meiji University’s endearing image, it was “promoted” to the status of official mascot in 2009.
Meijiro is extensively active as a “publicist” for Meiji University, appearing on all sorts of goods and in the form of a real character at events.

Use of the symbol mark, logo, Meijiro and other trademarks

The symbol mark, logo mark, and other items have been determined to serve as symbols of Meiji University. We are promoting the effective diffusion of Meiji University’s image through use of unified designs. When using these designs in publicity newsletters, posters, and other media tools, make sure not to detract from the trust and dignity of Meiji University. If you wish to make use of these designs, please check the following guidelines.

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