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International Student Office 03-3296-4141

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Libraries  03-3296-4242
Museum  03-3296-4448
Organization for International Collaboration  03-3296-4141
Organization for Community Relations and Support  03-3296-4041
Organization for the Strategic Coordination of Research and Intellectual Properties  03-3296-4268
Kurokawa Field Sceience Center   044-980-5300  
Advanced Plant Factory Research Center  044-934-7076
Center for Obsidian and Lithic Studies  03-3296-4572
Center for Clinical Psychology  03-3296-4169  
Center for the History of Meiji University  03-3296-4329
The defunct Imperial Japanese Army Noborito Laboratory Museum for Education in Peace  044-934-7993
Yoshihiro Yonezawa Memorial Library of Manga and Subcultures  03-3296-4554  
Beijing Office  +86(0)10-6526-3474  
ASEAN Center  +66(0)2-169-1019
Alumni Association  03-3296-4730
Parent's Association  03-3296-4079  
Affiliated Junior High and High Schools
Meiji University High School and Junior High School  042-444-9100
Meiji Nakano High School and Junior High School  03-3362-8704
Meiji Nakano Hachioji High School and Junior High School  042-691-0321