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明治大学私費外国人留学生奨学金 / Meiji University Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students

明治大学私費外国人留学生奨学金について / Meiji University Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students


 This scholarship is for privately financed international students who enter Meiji University for the purpose of obtaining a degree.
This scholarship aims to support students with high motivation, outstanding academic performance but who have difficulties in attending school for financial reasons.
◆Monthly Stipend : 50,000 JPY/month (up to 6 months)
◆Eligibility : A) Undergraduates: 2nd year or above
                     B) Graduates (Master’s program, Professional graduate program): any year
                     C) Graduates (Doctoral Program): any year
◆Number of scholarships awarded : 160 in total
◆Screening : Spring selection and Fall selection
*The screening selection you can apply vary depending on the student. Please check Application Guidelines for details.

【2023年7月28日更新】2023年度 募集要項【秋選考】 / Application Guidelines for Meiji AY2023 Fall Selection



(ア) 学部2年生以上在籍者
(イ) 大学院博士前期課程及び専門職学位課程在籍者
(ウ) 大学院博士後期課程在籍者

2023年度 私費外国人留学生奨学金 【秋選考】募集要項 (JPN)

Note:The Application Forms will be available after the October 2 (Monday) launch.

Eligible applicants for Fall Selection: Privately-funded international students (excluding exchange students) enrolled in one of the following degree courses;

(1) Students enrolled in the second year or above at undergraduate level.
(2) Students enrolled in master's or professional degree programs in the graduate school.
(3) Students enrolled in doctoral degree programs in the graduate school.

Application Guidelines for Meiji University Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students AY 2023Fall Selection】(ENG)

2023年度秋学期応募についての注意点 / Important Notes for application Fall Semester AY2023

募集要項に記載の補足資料です。必ずご確認ください。*Additional information on Application Guidelines. Please make sure to check it.

よくある質問集/Frequently Asked Questions.

Please be sure to check the webpage before asking questions to avoid repetition of questions already answered on the webpage.

【募集は終了しました】2023年度 募集要項【春選考】 / Application Guidelines for Meiji AY2023 Spring Selection


Eligible applicants for Spring Selection: Graduate Students enrolled in from fall semester and who are expected to graduate in September 2023


国際教育事務室 / International Student Office

* When making inquiries, please write "Private Financed International Student Scholarship" in the title and write your student number and name in the text.