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Students need a guarantor to rent an apartment. For students who cannot find a guarantor in Japan, Meiji University recommends Guarantor Company. Students who are enrolled in Meiji University can get special price and service.
You can get leaflet at international office or Nakano Campus Administrative Office in Low-Rise Wing Building (3F, international section.) 

保証会社/ Guarantor Company

〒170-0013 東京都豊島区東池袋1-21-11 オーク池袋ビル2階

Global Trust Networks Co, Ltd.
1-21-11 2nd Floor Oak Ikebukuro Building, Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, 170-0013
TEL 03-5956-4111
Website https://www.gtn.co.jp
*GTN Leaflet

加入条件/ Requirements

■本学に在籍していること ※卒業・退学・除籍等、学籍を失った時点で無効となります。

■Students enrolled in Meiji University
*Students are not eligible for this service when you graduate, withdraw, expelled, or under disciplinary action from the university.
■Qualification of stay is “student”
■Students who are under the contract must follow instructions from Meiji University International Student Center.

契約の流れ/ Contract

 A: 在留カード(表・裏)
 B: パスポートの顔写真ページ
 C: 学生証(表・裏)※進学時期は,合格通知書もしくは入学許可証
 D: 緊急連絡先(本国のご両親及び日本国内の知人)

1) Prepare required document for screening
 A. Resident Card – Copy of front and back
 B. Passport
 C. Student ID –Copy of front and back
 D. Emergency contact information (One of your parents and one of acquaintances who live in Japan.
 E. GTN leaflet (You can download from above.)
2) Turn in the GTN leaflet to real Estate Management Company

主なサービス内容/ Service


1) Housing guarantee for rent
(Monthly rent, Expenses for legal actions, Expenses for removal of remaining belongings and storage of remaining belongings)
2) Language Support
(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepal)
3) 24 hours Life support
 (Support of utilities contracts(Electricity, gas and water),Guidance for termination or renewal of lease agreement, etc.)