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日本での住居・生活について/Supports for Life in Japan and Finding a Residence


Meiji University provides wide range of supports for international students related to life in Japan and finding a place to live. In addition to this website, more information is posted on university bulletin boards, so please check it as well.
The followings are the main supports provided by the International Student Office.  We offer support for international students in various ways, so if you have any problems or concerns, please feel free to contact the International Student Office.


Although Meiji University does not have a dormitory exclusively for international students, we provide support for introducing many kinds of residence.
There are two types of residence: “Residence to apply via International Student Office” and “Residence to apply directly by students”. Most of the international students attending Meiji University have looked for residence themselves. Please note that when renting an apartment in Japan, a “guarantor” is required in general.
We provide guarantor company information for students who cannot find the guarantor in Japan, so please make use of it. 
For more information, please refer to the “Residence Information for International Students” link.
Students need a guarantor to rent an apartment. For students who cannot find a guarantor in Japan, Meiji University recommends a guarantor company. Students who are enrolled in Meiji University can get special price and service.


Once your residence in Japan has been decided, you are required to report the address to the municipal office. Please note that if you move to a new address in Japan, you are required to notify both the municipal office and the university.
Please refer to the link at the headline for procedure detail.



International students who reside in Japan over 3 months must enroll in National Health Insurance. Once you enroll in this insurance, a “National Health Insurance Card” will be issued. When you receive medical treatment at a hospital, you need to present the insurance card. Then 70% of the medical expenses will be covered and exempted, so be sure to bring it with you whenever you go to the hospital.
Health management while studying abroad is particularly important. We recommend that you look for medical institutions such as hospitals near the university or residence for preparing to sudden illness or injuries in advance.