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卒業・修了時の諸手続きについて / Procedures for Graduation Completion

2024年3月卒業・修了ガイダンス / Graduation-Completion Guidance (March 2024)

We will hold Graduation-Completion Guidance in video for all International students who will graduate in coming March 2024 to explain the change or extension of your visa status. (Scheduled to be released in December 2023)
This is a critically important guidance, so please be sure to watch this.

卒業・修了ガイダンスのお知らせ/Guidance for Graduating Students (Notification) 

卒業・修了後の進路について / Carrier path after graduation

ご自身の進路にあった説明をよく確認してください。手続きに必要な書類など、詳細については、卒業・修了ガイダンス動画をご確認ください。/ Please check carefully the explanation for your career path. For more details, including the documents required for the procedure, please check the Graduation and Completion Guidance Video.

日本国外に出国する場合 / If you leave Japan

卒業式までに在留期限が切れてしまう場合は、在留期間更新申請を行ってください。 日本で進学する場合を除き、卒業式後も在留資格「留学」のまま滞在することはできませんので、在留期限に関わらず、すみやかに出国してください。

If your period of stay will expire before the graduation ceremony, please apply for extension of period of stay. Except for students who will continue their studies in Japan, you will not be able to stay in Japan after the graduation ceremony with "Student" visa, so please leave Japan immediately regardless of your period of stay.

When extending your period of stay until the graduation ceremony, please also submit the following 3 items, in addition to the list on the link above.
1. 卒業⾒込み証明書または卒業証明書 / Certificate of expected graduation or Certificate of graduation
2. 卒業式の⽇程が記された資料 / Document describing schedule of the graduation ceremony
3. 帰国時の航空券(e-ticket)等のコピー ※既に購⼊している場合のみ提出 / Photocopy of air ticket (e-ticket) *In case you already have one.

日本で進学する場合 / If you continue studying in Japan

●明治大学に進学する場合 / Students who are going to study at Meiji University
Please apply for extension of period of stay.
●明治大学以外に進学する場合 / Students who are going to study at a school other than Meiji University

Please follow the instructions of your school of higher education and apply for an extension of your period of stay.
In addition, please submit the "Notification of Activity Organization" to the Immigration Bureau within 14 days of graduation from Meiji University.
For details, please check the document below.

日本での就職が決定している場合 / If you are going to join a company in Japan


If you have already decided to work in Japan, you need to apply for a change of status of residence. Please consult with your employer regarding the status to be changed, preparation of necessary documents, etc.

日本で継続して就職活動を行う場合 / If you continue job-hunting activities in Japan

If you wish to continue job hunting activities that you have been engaged in since your enrollment at the university even after graduation, you need to change your status of residence to "Designated Activities".
A letter of recommendation issued by the university is required for application. If you wish to have a letter of recommendation, please submit the required documents to the International Student Office within the application period. For details, please check the graduation/completion guidance video.

●在留資格「特定活動」に変更後に提出が必要な書類 / Required documents after getting "Designated Activities" visa

毎月5日までに以下の必要書類をそろえて、国際教育事務室にメールで提出してください。/ You MUST submit these documents below to International Student Office by the 5th of every month by e-mail.  

東京出入国在留管理局の就職支援窓口について / Employment Support Desk at Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau


In order to support international students in finding employment in Japan, the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau has now established a dedicated support desk. They will also provide prior consultation for change of resident status applications. Make use of this service if you have any questions about changing visa status for employment. ※ Please note that recruitment counseling is not available.
Please refer to the website of the Immigration Services Agency for details, including how to make reservations.

卒業式に関する質問 / About graduation ceremony

卒業式に参加する家族を日本に呼び寄せたい学生について/ For students wishing to invite their families to Japan to participate in the graduation ceremony


If family members are from countries/regions with temporary visitor visa exemption, they do not need to apply for a visa to come to Japan.
On the other hand, if family members are from countries/regions other than those under temporary visitor visa exemption measures, they must apply for and obtain a temporary visitor visa following the prescribed procedures.
For details, please refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.


For foreign nationals who wish to find employment in Japan, the Center provides information on companies, job counseling, and referrals.
Consultation regarding status of residence is also available. Interpretation in English and Chinese provided (prior reservation required).

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