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在留期間更新・在留資格変更/ Applications for Extension of Period, Change of Status

在留手続について/Residence Visa Procedures


To extend your period of stay or change your status of residence, please prepare all required documents for your visa application and bring them to the nearest International Student Office. As a general rule, the documents will be returned in 3 business days after the acceptance date, so please make sure to be prepared ahead of time.

(1)在留期間更新/ Application for Extension of Period of Stay


·You can apply three months before your current visa expires.
·If you stay longer than the period of stay, you will be subject to deportation or criminal punishment as an illegal stay.
·Please always check the period of stay and be careful not to overstay.
·If you extend your period of stay, "Permission to Engage in Activity Other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted" already obtained will be invalid, so please apply again if necessary.
·Please note that if your grades are poor or the number of credits you have earned is very small or you have not paid your tuition, your application may not be approved by the Immigration Bureau and you may not be able to stay in Japan anymore.

(2)在留資格変更/ Application for Change of Status of Residence


·If you have a visa other than "Student" and wish to change your visa to "Student", you need to apply for change of status of your residence.
·Students with "Short term stay" visa require a "Certificate of Eligibility(CoE)" when changing to "Student" visa.

·Almost all  scholarships of both inside and outside the university for foreign students require that the visa status be "Student."


国際教育事務室/International Student Office

在留資格に関するご質問はE-mailでお問合せください。/ Please contact visa matters by E-mail.