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在留期間更新・在留資格変更/ Applications for Extension of Period, Change of Status

【重要/Important】入構制限による在留手続の郵送受付について/Reception of visa applications by mail due to restrictions of entry to campuses


(1)在留期間更新申請書および在留資格変更申請書(Excelファイル)はOh-o!Meijiのグループ「在留手続き/Immigration Procedure」(オレンジ色)にアップロードしてください。

こちら からご確認ください。



Due to the spread of COVID-19, Meiji University is currently conducting an entrance restrictions in all campuses.

While the entrance restrictions are implemented, visa application ("Extension of Period of Stay” and “Change of Status of Residence”) documents must be sent to the International Student Office by mail.

Please note that the following items differs from the usual procedure.
(1) Application forms for extension/change (Excel file) must be uploaded to "在留手続き/Immigration Procedure” group tab (orange icon) in the Oh-o! Meiji system.

(2) Enclose ONE self-addressed envelope (「角2」size 24cm x 33cm), which will be used to send back your visa documents. Please click here and confirm how to write the envelope.

(3) Mail your application documents to the International Student Office to receive an authorization stamp by the university, and them submit your documents to the Immigration Bureau. It will take around 2 weeks to have your documents sent back to you after confirmation. Please send the documents by mail ahead of time.

(4) Please request your Academic Transcript and Enrollment Certificate to your school (graduate school) office beforehand. Updates regarding issuance of certificates can be found HERE.

※If you are newly enrolled student and if you do not have your academic transcript from Meiji University yet, please submit certificate of graduation and academic transcript which is issued by your previous school instead.


国際教育事務室/International Student Office

在留資格に関するご質問はE-mailでお問合せください。/ Please contact visa matters by E-mail.