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(1)一時出国届 / Notification of Temporary Leave

外国人留学生が日本国外に出る場合は、授業期間、休業期間に関わらず、以下を確認の上、日本を出国する1週間前までに国際教育事務室に出国情報を報告してください。報告方法は、学生ごとに異なるのでご自分に当てはまる方法で報告するようにしてください。/ International students who will leave Japan need to report a "Temporary Leave Report" to International Student Office at least one week before departing whether or not classes are in session.The reporting method varies from students to students, so be sure to report in a way that suits you.

(2)再入国許可 / Re-entry Permit

Foreign nationals who have a valid passport and resident card and indicate “Special Re-entry Permit” on your re-entry ED card at the time of departure don’t need to obtain a re-entry permit before leaving Japan if you re-enter Japan within one year of your departure or within the validity period of your resident card, whichever comes first.

必要書類 / Required Documents

  1. 再入国許可申請書(出入国在留管理局所定用紙)_Application for Re-entry Permit
  2. パスポート、在留カード、学生証(提示のみ)/ Passport, Residence Card, Student ID (only to show)
  3. 手数料 (1回限り有効)3,000円 ,(数次有効)6,000円 (許可された場合、収入印紙で納付)/ Single entry: 3,000 yen, Multiple entry: 6,000 yen (If approved, pay with revenue stamps)