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Please read this guide carefully before applying.

1. 学生本人が直接応募できる宿舎 / Residence to apply directly by students

 ►「 明大サポートのお部屋探しNAVI」(株式会社明大サポート)

Meidai Support Corporation is an subcontactor of Meiji University to help you find apartments.
 They suggest properties anytime of the year. Please see HP for information.
   ►  OheyasagashiNavi  (Meidai Support Corporation)
Followings are residences for International Students. Please contact them directly for further information.

2. 大学を通してのみ応募できる宿舎 / Residence to apply via International Student Office of Meiji

1.社員寮 / Company Dormitories

   A selection process will determine who will be recommended by the university, followed by a selection process by the supporting association and the company.
2.東京国際交流館 / Tokyo Interntional Exchange Center  (大学院生のみ / for graduate students only)
     Applicants will be recommended by the university through an internal document screening process, and then the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) will officially decide on the applicants through a document review process.
3.明治大学外国人留学生専用シェアハウス「HIROKO House」
     "HIROKO House" Shared residence for international students of Meiji University

     Those who have been recommended through the internal document screening will be interviewed by the owner, and then officially selected as tenants.

現在募集している宿舎 / Residences currently accepting applicants