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2024年度春学期 国際教育センターティーチングアシスタント(TA)について


What does International Student Center 's Teaching Assistant (TA) do?

International Student Center 's Teaching Assistant (TA) supports international students in the following ways:
Support for International Students Studying Japanese (Report check, preparation for oral presentation of seminar, preparation and review of class, composition, daily conversation, reading support of materials and teaching materials, etc.)


Teaching Assistant Personal Profile

For personal profile of TAs, please click the photo!
■文学研究科所属 平 傑涛 (ヘイ ケツトウ)
 PING JIETAO / Graduate student of School of Arts and Letters

 出勤予定;月曜日、木曜日 11:00~15:30
 TA consultations; Mondays and Thursdays from 11:00 to 15:30.
■教養デザイン研究科所属 劉 国強 (リュウ コクキョウ)
 LIU GUOQIANG / Graduate student of School of Humanities
 出勤予定; 火曜日、木曜日 12:30~17:00
 TA consultations; Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 to 17:00
■理工学研究科所属 守屋 颯 (モリヤ ソウ)
  So MORIYA / Graduate student of School of Science and Technology
出勤予定; 月曜日 9:30~13:00
      木曜日 11:30~17:00
TA consultations;Mondays from 9:30 to 13:00
         Thursdays from 11:30 to 17:00.
Teaching assistants are available at the International Lounges in Surugadai, Izumi, and Ikuta. Please feel free to drop by!
If you wish online support or consultations, please apply through online form in advance.

TA主催イベント / Events organized by TA

We hold events for international students and Japanese students to interact with each other. Please feel free to join us !


【For online support】How to apply for TA consultation

以下の申込フォーム(google form)よりお申し込みください。申込は,3営業日前までにお願いします。(直近の予約は受付できない場合があります)
Please apply through the application form below (Google form). Please submit your applications at least 3 business days in advance. (We may not accept the latest reservation.)