Law in Japan


What are the objectives of Law in Japan program?

This program is designed for foreign undergraduate students and graduates who are interested in Japanese law and society. The objectives of this program are:

- Understanding the overview of Japanese law and legal system

- knowing contemporary legal issues in Japan through the two week series of lectures

- enhancing understanding of Japanese culture and society with field trips. 
It may also be a good chance for participants to get to know faculty members at Meiji University School of Law. 

How many participants are accepted in to the program?

Approximately 25 participants per session (=total 50 participants) are accepted after go through a screening process. For more information, please visit the Application.

What kind of people participated so far?

Various types of people aged 18 and over with different backgrounds have attended our program; undergraduate, graduate students, and legal and non-legal professionals from dozens of countries.

Does Meiji University offer on-campus accommodation or provide any housing options?

No, the school of law does not provide any housing services to short-term study students including off-campus housing arrangement. For more information, please visit the Accommodation and Insurance. 

Does Meiji provide any transportation services such as a shuttle service to and from campus?
No, we don’t have any university transportation services. The following websites may be useful for traveling to the Tokyo area from the airport:
>Narita International Airport:
>Haneda-Airport International Terminal:
What are other expenses besides program fee?

Other than the program fee, participants have to pay for airfare, travel insurance, travel expenses to and from airport, and housing. They also need to cover other living expenses, such as food, transportation costs, and other personal expenses. The following site may be useful to gain an idea of the price of commodities in Japan. >Japan Travel Budget: 

Is it better to have travel insurance?

All participants are required to purchase overseas travel insurance that cover the period of their stay in Japan at their own expense. Participants must submit a copy of their insurance certificate before arrival.

Does Meiji University provide assistance with visa application?

For visa application, basically, Meiji University will provide ONLY the letter of invitation if necessary. Please check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before applying to the program.

>Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (VISA/Residing in Japan): 

Does Meiji offer any scholarship or financial aid?

No, we don’t offer any scholarship or financial aid for a short-term study students.

Can I receive credits by completing the program?

No, you cannot get course credits by completing the program. However, for those who finish the full program successfully, a course completion certificate will be awarded.

(You need to attend the farewell party on the last program day.)