Law in Japan

Profiles of Lecturers (2018: For Reference)

1) Name of Lecture, (2) Job Title, (3) Areas of Specialization, (4) Academic Degrees/Career


(1) Constitutional Law
(2) Professor, teaching at Meiji University
(3) Constitutional law
(4) LL.M. & Doctor of Law degree (Meiji University), Visiting Scholar at King’s College, University of London, and Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, and Visiting Fellow at Harvard Law School


(1) Contract Law in Japan
(2) Project Associate Professor (University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law & Graduate Schools for Law and Politics)
(3) Comparative private law (trusts, contract, property)
(4) Lecturer (Meiji University School of Law); Fellow of the European Law Institute; PhD candidate (Utrecht University); BA (Oxon) Law with European  

(1) Constitutional Law and Human Rights
(2) Lecturer, teaching at Meiji University
(3) Human rights and international law
(4) Qualified Lawyer in New Zealand; LLB Victoria University of Wellington (1991); PhD Auckland University, New Zealand (2011). Postdoctoral scholar at AUT University, Auckland (2011). Guest lecturer at Auckland University Law Faculty (2004-2011)


(1) Law and Linguistics
(2) Professor, teaching at Meiji University Law School
(3) Law and Linguistics
(4) LL.M. (York University Osgoode Hall Law School), Ph.D. in Linguistics (the University of Chicago Department of Linguistics)
(1) Civil Justice
(2) Associate Professor, teaching at Waseda Law School
(3) Professional Responsibility/ Law & Society
(4) LL.M. & Ph.D. in Law (University of Washington), Researcher, Washington University Asian Law Center
Teruhisa KOMURO
(1) Judicial System
(2) Associate Professor, teaching at Meiji University
(3) European Legal History
(4) LL.B. &LL.M. (Tohoku University), Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London, and Leopold-Wenger Institut für Rechtsgeschichte, Universität München
(1) Corporate Law
(2) Professor, teaching at Meiji University
(3) German Law
(4) Qualified Lawyer in Germany, Dr. jur. (Universität Münster), Professor of Japanese Law at Philipps-Universität Marburg, Visiting Professor (Japanese Law) at Bond University
(1) International Law 
(2) Senior Assistant Professor, teaching at Meiji University
(3) International Law
(4) LL.B&LL.M (Sophia University, Tokyo), Visiting Research Fellow at the Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea (NILOS), University of Utrecht
(1) Constitutional Law
(2) Secretary, Legislative Bureau of the House of Representatives, National Diet of Japan
(3) Legislation, Legislative drafting, Constitutional Law
(4) B.A. & J.D (University of Tokyo), Academic Visitor at Faculty of Law & Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall, University of Cambridge
(1) Philosophy of Law, Professional Responsibility
(2) Professor, teaching at Meiji University
(3) Legal and Political Theory, Clinical Ethics of the Lawyer and the Doctor
(4) LL.B & LL.M. (University of Tokyo), Professor Emeritus (Nagoya University), Academic Visitor at University of Oxford, Visiting Professor at Richardson School of Law (University f Hawaii), Renmin University of China, Hong Kong City University, Resident at Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center, Honorary Doctor of Law (National University of Mongolia)
(1) Family Law/Prison in Japan
(2) Professor, teaching at Meiji University
(3) Sociology of Law
(4) Ph.D. in Law (University of Tokyo), LL.M. (University of California, Berkeley), Visiting Research Fellow at University of Oxford, CNRS Centre de sociologie des organisations à Paris and Freie Universität Berlin, Visiting Scholar at Columbia Law School in New York City
(1) Business Law and Practice
(2) Lecturer, teaching at Meiji University Law School
(3) Corporation, Business law
(4) LL.M. at University of Pennsylvania Law School, Visiting scholar at William S. Richardson School of Law(University of Hawaii), In-house counsel at GE, private practice at law firms in Japan and US
Hidetomo SASAKI
(1) Law and Information Technologies
(2) Professor, teaching at Meiji University
(3) Anglo-American Law
(4) Ph.D in Law (Hitotsubashi University), visiting scholar at Fordham Law School
(1) Intellectual Property Law
(2) Visiting Researcher at Meiji University, teaching at Gakushuin University
(3) Intellectual Property Law
(4) LL.B. (University of Tokyo), Master of Music (Tokyo University of the Arts), LL.M.(Harvard Law School), Research Fellow at Harvard Law School, University of Tokyo, and Meiji University Organization for the Strategic Coordination of Research and Intellectual Properties


(1) Tax Law

(2) Associate Professor, teaching at Osaka University of Economics

(3) Tax Law

(4) LL.B. & LL.M. & PhD Candidate (Keio University)
(1) Legal Profession
(2) Senior Assistant Professor, teaching at Meiji University
(3) Civil Procedure
(4) LL.M. (Georgetown University Law Center), LL.B. (Meiji University), Bar Admission (Japan, 2001)
Shinichi YOSHIYA
(1) Global Financial Regulations
(2) Vice President, Legal & Compliance Division, Morgan Stanley
(3) Financial Regulations, Banking and Securities Law
(4) LL.B. (Sophia University), M.B.A (Aoyama Gakuin University), LL.M. (Duke University School of Law), Bar Admission (New York State Bar), Attorney at Law (Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP), Visiting Professor at Duke University School of Law