Law in Japan

Participant Voice (2011)

 I am a JET Programme* ALT** and I am very glad I took the opportunity to spend the beginning of my summer vacation in the Meiji University Lawin Japan Program.
It was a good chance to get a taste of what life at Meiji University is like. It was nice to experience Tokyo for a couple weeks, crowded trains and all, which was a welcome change of pace from my life in a small rural town in the Japanese countryside.
I enjoyed having the chance to visit places like the Diet and Supreme Court while learning about Japanese law from experienced professors and professionals. Studying Japan’s constitution, legislative, and judicial branches has helped give me a better understanding of the country and culture.
The staff was kind and helpful and the professors and teaching assistants were interesting people. I also enjoyed getting to know my fellow students from Japan and abroad. The students were made up of a diverse mix of people of different nationalities, professions, and ages.
If you are looking to do something different this summer and have an interest in the Japanese legal system, then I recommend the Meiji University Law in Japan Program.
* The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme
**Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)