Law in Japan

Participant Voice (2013)

Graduate student, from Italy
The Meiji University Law in Japan Program was a very formative experience since I had the opportunity to learn the main points of Japanese law.
The lectures covered various legal fields of both substantive and procedural law and were very interesting and involving, and the professors were very professional and always willing to answer the questions of the students.
We had also filed trips including visits to a Summary Court, a District Court and the Supreme Court, which allowed me to learn more about the judicial system of Japan.
Visits to a law firm and a corporate legal department were the most interesting part for me since I would like to work in Japan as a registered foreign lawyer in the future.
The secretariat assistants and the students working as program assistant were very professional too and supported us attentively for the entire duration of the program.
The program gave me also the opportunity to make new friends, both Japanese and foreigns, and was very enjoyable to spend time with them.
For all these reasons I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Meiji University. 
(Student of Meiji University Law in Japan Program 2013 from Italy).
Undergraduate student of Meiji University,from Japan
There were many types of interesting subjects in this program. Unlike the classes I take in my university, speaking out and having discussions during classes were appealing to me. I felt that the knowledge I acquired during junior and senior high school linked to the knowledge of law I learned in this program. Reviewing our country's history and social systems with people who come from other countries, was very exciting.
The classmates who I met in this program are very precious to me. They come from various backgrounds and they were very characteristic. What we, the participants held in common is an interest to Japanese culture and so the participants were very enthusiastic. The attitudes they took when asking questions based on their experiences in their countries were outstanding, especially during the field trips. I strongly felt that I had the chance to learn about Japanese law from a global standpoint.
Lastly, I would like to thank the professors that prepared this special program and my classmates who made this two weeks such an amazing time. 
Thank you very much.