Law in Japan

Participant Voice (2014)

Undergraduate student, from Singapore

The law in Japan program was an introductory course which allowed participants to have an overview of the various laws in Japan such as constitutional law and intellectual law.
The course involved both lectures and field trips. The professors were enthusiastic and were keen to answer questions posed by students. Some of the professors were also pase practitioners, and shared with us some of their experience. This added a new dimension to the lectures. There were also opportunities for students to make a comparative analysis of their home country's law with Japanese law, and that gave the course an intenational feel.
The field trips included visits to key places in the legal sector, such as a District Court and the Public Procecutors Office. There were also visits to a law firm, as well as a prison. This allowed students to have some understanding of how the law works in practice in Japan. Thus, this course allowed students to have a flavour of Japanese law in both theory and practice.
Furthermore, the course also involved Japanese student assistants and participants. This made the course more well-rounded as students had the opportunity to interact with the local students and learn about the Japanese culture.
I would recommend this course for people not only interested in Japanese law, but also for those interested in Japanese culture.


Undergraduate student of Meiji University, from Japan

I learned a lot about Jpanese law in this program. As I have just entered the Law Department in April, I found the lecture topics very interesting. I was able to learn about Japanese law from a global viewpoint.
It was very stimulating and interesting for me because every participant asked many questions engaged in discussion and actively spoke out during class.
As part of the program field trips, we visited places such as the District court, the Public Procecutor's office and the Yokohama prison. The visits were a very precious experience asn we normally wouldn't be able to enter these facilities and we were also able to put our knowledge from class to practical use.
I'm very grateful for the classmates I met in these 2 weeks. Not only did they have a lot of enthusiasm for studying and ideas about a lot of things, they also had a lot of interent for Japanese culture. We went out to a lot of places after class and chatted about many topics. It was a very amazing and refreshing time for me.
I would like to thank the professors who prepared this great program and my classmates who made these 2 weeks such a fantastic time.
Thank you very much!