Law in Japan

Participant Voice (2019)

Here are some comments from the participants of this year.

“Really enjoy my experience for this 2 weeks summer program. The programs are interesting. I would definitely recommend.”

“I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to join the Law in Japan program. I learned so much from the lectures, discussions, and field trips. This program has inspired me to study more on the culture of Japan and how it reflects in its legal system. I am very excited for any other opportunity that Meiji has to offer in future to allow me to study the comparison of Japanese Law (law of a developed country) and Philippine Law (law of a developing country).”

“This was an amazing experience it went too fast!”

“The Law in Japan program was a unique and memorable experience, not only for the immense learning provided, but also for bringing together incredible people of diverse nationalities and completely different cultures. It is something that I will undoubtedly recommend to my friends and will definitely remember for generations. Thank you!”

“The students who participated in the summer camp were very friendly. Not only did I gain law knowledge, I also met friends from different countries.”

“I hung out mostly with the local students and got a good sense of how it is like to study here. That is important to me as I am considering studying here for masters/law school. It was a good experience overall and therefore this positively reinforced my decision to study here (in Tokyo) after graduation. The organization of the event was phenomenal. Props to Mizuta-Sensei for running this smoothly!”