[School of Arts and Letters] Institution of the Philosophy Course in the Department of Psycho-Social Studies

Sep. 13, 2017

The School of Arts and Letters is newly instituting in April 2018 the Philosophy Course in the Department of Psycho-Social Studies (approval pending; enrollment quota: 45). This will give the Department of Psycho-Social Studies an organization of three courses, the other two being the Clinical Psychology Course and Contemporary Sociology Course.

The Philosophy Course will be devoted to a practical and multifaceted handling of problems facing contemporary society. To this end, besides learning about the store of wisdom accumulated by thinkers from ancient times through documents and materials as a matter of course, it will emphasize practice, by having students visit sites to meet and interview people in order to probe phenomena at the bottom of problems. In addition, with the course scope widened to include Japanese and Chinese philosophy as well as Western philosophy and also incorporating the findings of psychology and sociology, the students will learn various patterns of thought in a multifaceted manner.

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