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Toward Globally Competitive Research

The Graduate School of Business Administration offers two courses in the master’s program: the Research course and the Management course.

The Research course is aimed at writing a thesis for the master’s degree based on theoretical and empirical research, while learning basic subjects. Classes in the graduate school program are taught in small groups, not through a knowledge-transmitting approach, but through a problem-presenting approach. Master’s theses are required to reach a high standard as the culmination of two years of research activities.

The graduate school is a place where one learns through research. Most of the students who have completed the Research course are highly valued for their creative learning experience of two years in our academic setting, and are employed by companies, etc. For those who wish to obtain an educational and scientific position at a university or other research institution, our school is a good place to lay the foundation for a research career. Generally, a master’s thesis is regarded as the beginning of the career, and our students will learn research methodologies while writing their master’s thesis.

The Management course is for working adults. The course will allow students to delve into the theories behind the knowledge and experience they have already acquired in the working world, and to foster renewed awareness. The result of learning will be summarized in a master’s thesis or a research report. We also offer a special admission system based on the commendation of the Japan Federation of Labor and Social Security Attorney’s Associations for the Management course, and have also established a labor management program.

The Graduate School of Business Administration is actively advancing internationalization of the student and faculty body. In cooperation with the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Malaysia) and SolBridge International School of Business, Woosong University (Korea), we have started a double master’s program, in which students can receive a master’s degree from these universities while they are enrolled at our School. We also have overseas study programs at our partner institutions, and offer more than twenty courses that are taught in English.

The doctoral course provides guidance on research methodology to those who aim to become university educators or researchers. Since they have already written a master’s thesis in the first part of the course, students are expected to probe more deeply into their research subject by themselves. The guidance focuses on support for students to develop their research into academic papers, presentations at both national and international conferences, and ultimately a doctoral thesis.

In this way, the Graduate School of Business Administration provides high-quality education through research activities, looking toward globally competitive research.

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MORI, Hisashi

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