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To be a Global Business Leader

The term “globalization” came into use about 30 years ago. At the time, the yen was rapidly appreciating in the wake of the Plaza Accord. Companies with abundant funds and strong competitiveness in industries such as automating, electronics and electrical equipment, financing, and real estate began to deploy ambitious strategies for development of overseas business. Their moves were motivated less by threats posed by overseas rivals than by adaptation to the change in the economic environment induced by the strong yen. Today, however, Japanese companies are being exposed to a both direct and fierce competition with foreign firms. It is the age of hyper-competition. Survival in this age requires close partnership with overseas allies and operation with a global-scale perspective on the market. We have also seen the birth of non-profit organizations and sports management organizations whose activities span national borders. Accounting arrangements are also becoming globalized to run these organizations and provide investors with meaningful information. Regardless of whether or not they operate for profit, all organizations in this age of global markets must have global business leaders. These are multi-talented people who have leadership capabilities, planning powers, and culture and refinement. They are not merely smart; they have outstanding instincts, sense, and communication skills. The development of such global business leaders could also very well be considered an urgent task for Japan as a richly cosmopolitan country. We in the School of Business Administration are endeavoring to foster the growth of tomorrow's global business leaders, through the complementary linkage with specialized education in the spheres of language studies, general educations, and our departments of Business Administration, Accounting, and Public Management.


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