International workshop and symposium

An obsidian workshop was organized in 2011, and a symposium on archaeological obsidian is planned for 2012.

In 2011, we organized the First International Workshop and Symposium focusing on the “Methodological issues of obsidian provenance studies and the standardization of geologic obsidian.” The specific goal and focus were: 1) the introduction of new methodological prospects for obsidian analysis, or synthesis of obsidian provenance studies on specific areas, and 2) a discussion regarding the way to standardize geologic obsidian samples and share them among different laboratories.
In 2012, we are also organizing the Second International Symposium on“Lithic raw material exploitation and circulation in prehistory: a comparative perspective in a diverse paleoenvironment” (abbreviated: LRM Symposium). This symposium will focus on the archaeological interpretations of lithic raw material procurement systems and the distribution patterns or transportation systems. The purpose of this symposium is to discuss these topics with particular reference to a comparative perspective between Europe and East Asia.



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