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(5) Minamata Meiji University Exhibition

In September 2010, Meiji University will hold a Minamata Disease Exhibition. As part of its associated pre-studies series, we have conducted several lectures on the disease and an official course titled “Minamata Disease—Message to Developing Countries” in the School of Commerce which was designated by MEXT as an Education GP (Good Practice) special theme practicum.

In collaboration with NPOs, government agencies, and municipalities, a variety of events, such as photos exhibitions, movies, discussions with victims, and discussions with students, will be conducted at the Minamata Meiji University Exhibition in a wide range of fields, including medicine, business management, environment, and human rights.

The issue of Minamata disease highlights not only pollution and environmental problems, but also political, economic, and social problems and eventually the issue of human dignity and rights. Universities have a social responsibility to nurture people who earnestly address these social issues and strive to solve them. With the aim of providing a place to think about society where people are given the precedence, we will hold the Minamata Meiji University Exhibition in September 2010.

(1)Collaboration with Human Rights Watch(HRW) to consider a Human Rights issues (2)Symposium with UNRWA
(3)Opening of the Noborito Institute Peace Education Resource Center (4)Symposium on“Peace and Environment Zone in East Asia”
(5) Minamata Meiji University Exhibition