Research in Global Governance

Schedule and Procedure

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■ Pre-registration ■ 
   Please send the following information by email for registration after your supervisor’s approval.
 (1) Student ID number
   (2) Name
   (3) Email address
   (4) Title
   (5) Supervisor's name

[Email address regarding registration]
 ronsyu■ (please replace ■ with @)
 gsgg■ replace ■ with @)

■ Schedule of “Research in Global Governance” Vol. 1 and Vol.2 ■

  Vol.1  Vol.2
 Registration Period
April 1st (Sat)~
April 7th (Fri)
 June 26th (Mon)~
June 30th (Fri)
 Deadline for submissionPunctuality
By 3:00pm,
April 21st (Fri)
 By 3:00pm,
September 22nd (Fri)
Announcement of the result
 From Late of May
to Beginning of June
 From Late of October
to Beginning of November
Final decision is made by the Graduate School Committee. The result will be announced on the bulletin board at the Graduate School.  
Correction Period 
Within 2 weeks after announcement of the result  
Please correct parts under referees’ instruction. Basically, corrections after this period cannot be allowed.
 Submission of paper and data Middle of June  Middle of November 
 First proof-read
 Beginning of July Beginning of December 
Basically, corrections after this period cannot be allowed. But if you found typos in your paper, we allow you to correct them.  
 Submission of the first proof-read/Deadline for the request for additional prints Middle of July  Middle of January 

Second proof-read

(Graduate School Office) 
Beginning of August   Beginning of February 
Basically, we, the Graduate School Office, will check corrections of the first proof-read.  If you would like to check by yourself, please offer it until the first proof-read.  

September 8th (Fri), 2017


February 28th (Wed), 2018

Please download the prescribed documents from below.
(1) 申請書(Application Form)
(2) 審査判定書(Screening Evaluation Sheet)
(3) 表紙(Cover)
(4) Each documents in English [For reference only]

Please contact us if you have any questions.
Graduate School Office, Meiji University
Phone +81-(0)3-3296-4527
E-mail: dai_in■ (please replace ■ with @)

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