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KIMURA, Satoru

 MBS, the Foundation for Individuals and Companies to Form Value Creation Abilities

This Graduate school is commonly known as MBS (short for Meiji Business School), and we offer and strive to enhance MBA education. At MBS, our mission is to function as a place for individuals to heighten their business expertise and fulfill their potential and for companies to develop the human foundation needed to create corporate value, and through this to contribute to the social development of Japan and of the world.

At MBS, we are characterized by the goal of learning the practical science of business and fostering the tough spirit necessary in order to succeed in the global arena. While general academic branches aim for the acquisition of knowledge under a certain theme, practical sciences, based on the improvement of knowledge founded on universal theory, place emphasis on the nurturing of the individual engaged in that theme. The nature of practical sciences is demonstrated, for example, by the study of medicine, a practical science that places emphasis on raising doctors, which greatly differs from the study of pathology, which aims for the acquisition of knowledge regarding illnesses.

Therefore, at MBS, where we aim for more sophistication in the practical science of business, we would like our newly enrolled students to understand that we emphasize education and research to nurture them into brilliant business managers and business professionals, above the holding of lectures to provide them with knowledge on the theme of business. The practical science of business at MBS aims for the acquisition of knowledge from general business studies, while nurturing the skills to selectively apply that knowledge in practice or create logic in areas where knowledge gained from general business studies cannot be applied. We believe such an education will foster individuals who “understand the very essence of business.”

In order to nurture such individuals, we exercise creativity in our curriculum, among others. The reality surrounding business is always generating diversity and change, to which business managers and business professionals are required to adapt. To cope with this, we have enhanced basic subjects that correspond to compulsory subjects, enhanced English language courses, and prepared a variety of subjects (about 170 subjects) that view business from all angles. We review these subjects every year to actively include those that can be applied to new events. Furthermore, in order to foster the skills to apply the acquired knowledge to real life and to channel logic, we provide numerous subjects to enhance creativity, case method subjects to resolve real life issues, and practical subjects to channel logic through discussion with professors. We also hold events such as business contests and luncheon seminars in which students take initiative in exchanging knowledge.

Additionally, at MBS, we aim to provide support for lifelong education for students to grow even after graduation, utilizing the credited auditing system, alumni network activities, invitations to various study groups and seminars, and more. We look forward to seeing students who have obtained the opportunity to take a great leap forward by enrolling at MBS study and succeed.

KIMURA, Satoru

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