Graduate School of Global Business

Curriculum Chart

* Most of the lectures in this graduate school are presented in Japanese, with a few exceptions.

Special Subjects Group

Finance Domain Global Complex Domain Management Domain
Corporate Finance
Investment Techniques and Analysis
Investment Techniques and Analysis (Seminar)
Fixed Income Analysis
Derivatives (Seminar)
Financial Market Analysis
Financial Market Analysis (Seminar)
Mathematical Finance 1
Mathematical Finance 2
Financial Risk Management
Financial Risk Management (Seminar)
Financial Products
Financial Products (Seminar)
Securitization Techniques
Securitization Law
Asset Allocation
Asset Allocation (Seminar)
Management of Pension and Public Money Investment
Mutual Fund & Fund Investment
Behavioral Finance
M&A Analysis
Financial Service Innovation
Introduction to Financial Products Exchange Law
Financial Systems
Introduction to EXCEL-VBA for Finance
Business Data Analysis
ALM for Pension and Insurance
R&D of Asset Management
Case Studies (Finance)
Real Options
Enterprise Risk Management
Intangible Asset Management Theory
Intellectual Capital Strategy
Business Risk Management
Business Risk Management (Seminar)
Real Options (Seminar)
CSR and Corporate Management
Global Business Studies
Business Communication
Global Thinking and Leadership Skill
Creative Leadership
Marketing Innovation
Global Consumer's Value and Life Style
Multicultural Team Management
Business Presentation Skills
Management Strategy I
Management Strategy II
Management Strategy III
Strategic Management
Managerial Economics
Managerial Economics (exercises)
Family Business
Negotiation Analysis
Venture Business
Content Business
Legal Affairs
Management Organization
Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management (Seminar)
Human Training
Career Development
Corporate Governance
Business History
Business Ethics
Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management (Seminar)
Operations Management
Information System
Information System (Seminar)
Net Business
Project & Program Management
Supply Chain Management
Innovation Theory
Case Studies 1 (Management)
Case Studies 2 (Management)
Case Studies 3 (Management)
Case Studies 4 (Management)
Accounting Domain Marketing Domain Real Estate Domain
Business Analysis
Business Analysis (Seminar)
Accounting for non-profit Organizations
Accounting for non-profit Organizations (seminar)
Strategic Management Accounting I
Strategic Management Accounting I (Seminar)
Strategic Management Accounting II
Strategic Management Accounting II (Seminar)
Domestic Tax Law
Domestic Tax Law (Seminar)
International Tax Law
International Tax Law (Seminar)
International Accounting
Practical Accounting
Accounting for Small Businesses
Accounting for Performance Measurement
Corporate Valuation
Accounting for Cash Flow Management
Accounting for IPO
M&A Practice
Business Games
In-house Consulting Training
International Accounting Practice
Managerial Accounting Practice
Accounting for Taxation
Case Studies 1 (Accounting)
Case Studies 2 (Accounting)
Case Studies 3 (Accounting)
Analyzing Marketing Environment
Consumer Society
Global Marketing
Strategic Marketing
Strategic Marketing (Seminar)
Marketing Competition
Marketing Competition (Seminar)
Service Marketing
Service Marketing (Seminar)
Healthcare Marketing
Healthcare Marketing (Seminar)
Consumer Behavior
Brand Marketing
Global Marketing Communication
Business Marketing
Distribution Management
Service Management
Essentials of Marketing
CRM (Data Mining)
Market Research
Marketing Workshop 1
Marketing Workshop 2
Case Studies 1 (Marketing)
Case Studies 2 (Marketing)
Case Studies 3 (Marketing)
Real Estate Finance Engineering
Real Estate Finance
Structured Project Finance
Real Estate Development
Urban Planning
Law and Taxation on Real Estate
Real Estate Investment
Management of Property
Real Estate Appraisal 1
Real Estate Appraisal 2
Spatial Economics
Analysis of Real Estate Market
Analysis of Real Estate Value
Real Estate Professional Service
Corporate Real Estate Management
Some Issues of Real Estate Valuation
Case Studies (Real Estate)

Basic Subjects Group

Introduction to Operations Management
Game Theory and Corporate Strategy
Social Psychology
Basic Marketing
Distribution Theory
Financial Accounting
Introduction to Tax Accounting
Introduction to Tax law
Mathematical Basis for Finance
Probability and Statistics
Portfolio Theory
International Finance
Multivariate Analysis
Introduction to Financial Engineering
Introduction to Real Estate Analysis
Special Lecture

Thesis Seminar

Thesis Tutorial 1
Thesis Tutorial 2

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