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The management environment for businesses, whose primary purpose is to create value, is in the midst of dramatic, knowledge-driven phase of evolution amid rapid change in the form of deregulation, computerization, technological revolution and globalization, and companies face increasingly fierce competition. Evolution, however, poses a risk to businesses—the risk that their core competencies and business models may be rendered obsolete. We live in an age of knowledge-based competition where constant enhancement of human resources is imperative.

Based on the presumption that the basic concept of corporate business administration is the ability to react to things that create value, and to things that tarnish it, the goals of Graduate School of Global Business - MBA program - Business School are to develop those skills and to contribute to value creation by businesses by providing an educational foundation for people who want to realize their potential as business professionals to improve their value as human resources.

To that end, we offer a curriculum that is innovative, comprehensive and practical. Through this, we aim to instill in students the strategic ways of thinking and specialized practical knowledge and skills of corporate business administration, and to nurture the ability to apply those skills and knowledge in a highly ethical manner. In particular, we strive to develop the fundamental knowledge and skills of corporate business administration, the ability and skills to identify and address problems, and the ability to innovate in order to meet the diverse needs of society and its people, and we seek to develop students into business professionals with the ability to move proactively with the times in this age of knowledge and risk. In doing so, we look to contribute to the enhancement of the intellectual human capital that is the source of all value creation.

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