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MBS (short for Meiji Business School) is mainly targeted at the development of human resources for three (3) areas to encourage dynamism of the Japanese economy and society and has established the education system (curriculum design and other matters) to this end.

The first target is to foster successors and support personnel for the development of family businesses (medium-sized businesses). Candidates for successors who are not general managers cannot become good business managers, even if they excel at something. I believe we can contribute to the development of local communities through the cultivation of excellent successors.

The second target is to provide a place for career change to potential human resources. Further enhancing the value creation ability of individuals and promoting realignment with the place where that ability is exercised is a key for revitalization of the Japanese economy.

The third target is to cultivate personnel who are actually responsible for launching a new business. Critics cannot move things forward. We promote human resource development through interaction with those who have established a new business.

Let me explain the curriculum through which human resource development will be pursued. To put it briefly, the above three targets are for the development of general managers. Taking over an existing company, launching a new company, and becoming a senior executive of an existing company: all these efforts can be said to be a program for the development of general managers.

It is necessary to provide subjects required to achieve such targets and have students take them. With marketing, management, and comprehensive tax management put as major fields and finance, accounting, and real estate management located around those fields, MBS has designed a path to being general managers.

At the same time, adaptation to the global age is a must. MBS also provides rich English subjects and programs to improve English skills. The business school has also enhanced training programs at business schools abroad.

We recognize that the expansion of knowledge through classroom lectures is also valuable. Is it not more important and fascinating to design the creation of “street fighters” now in Japan?

MBS aims to offer opportunities to have fun discussing with those who are interested in these things including graduates and aspires for further enhancement.

If you think MBS may be interesting, please contact us. And if you are more interested in this business school, we look forward to your enrollment.

Accreditation & Membership

EPAS Accreditation by EFMD

Meiji University Graduate School of Global Business (Meiji Business School=MBS) has become EPAS Accredited from February 20, 2018. MBS is the first part-time MBA course in Japan which has become EPAS Accredited.
MBS has also been one of the Business School as a full members of EFMD, whose head office is in Brussels, Belgium and which is internationally well-known Accreditation Body in Europe.

EFMD Website: https://www.efmd.org/
EPAS Website: https://www.efmd.org/accreditation-main/epas
Membership of Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools

MBS has been a full member of AAPBS (Association of Asia-Pacifi Business Schools) for a long years, whose head office is in Seoul, Korea. The primary purpose of the AAPBS is to provide leadership and representation to advance the quality of business and management education in the Asia-Pacific region.
MBS has been trying to aquire the advanced knowledge about business and management by the communication with business schools around the Asia-Pacifi region as a member of AAPBS and also applying these knowlede to the higher education for MBA in MBS.

AAPBS Website: http://www.aapbs.org/index.html
JUAA Accreditation for Business Schools

The Japan University Accreditation Association (JUAA) is a voluntary organization of higher education institutions. Taking several U.S. accreditation agencies as a model, it was established in 1947 under the sponsorship of 46 national, local public and private universities.
MBS is accredited by JUAA with the professional graduate business schools during the term between  Apr. in 2014 and Mar. in 2019.

JUAA: https://www.juaa.or.jp/en/index.html

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