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The basic class management policy at Meiji Business School updated (2024/3/6)
Timetable 2024 updated (2024/04/13)
Syllabus 2024 updated (2024/03/29)

The basic class management policy at Meiji Business School

The basic policy is to implement a full range of 'face-to-face' classes, with thorough infection prevention measures, so that students can further experience learning on a vibrant campus. As a business school, we regard networking between faculty members and students as an important element, which is difficult to achieve only by working for a single company, and we will utilise face-to-face classes as a better means of achieving this. However, in order to ensure that students who are unable to participate in face-to-face classes due to their company's regulations or physical condition are given the opportunity to study, hybrid support will be provided in all classes as a supplementary means ('face-to-face (with hybrid support)') in principle.

From the perspective of educational effectiveness, "face-to-face (without hybrid support)" and "online media-based (live streaming)" will be adopted in some courses, and a new type of education will be developed based on the experience of the covid situation. Please refer to MBS timetable or our syllabus for the style of implementation for each course.

In addition, based on the situation of the spread of covid 19 and requests from the government and local authorities, if it is deemed necessary to take even more thorough infection prevention measures, the Meiji University Activity Restriction Guidelines level will be raised to 2 or higher and classes will be switched to media classes to ensure learning opportunities and the safety of students, teachers and staff.

Face-to-face (with hybrid support)
Courses with combination of conventional face-to-face class and live streaming of face-to-face class, which enable students to take classes online

Face-to-face (without hybrid support)
Courses in which all classes are conducted face-to-face, without delivering it online
From the viewpoint of educational effectiveness, hybrid support is not provided.

Online media-based courses (live streaming)
Courses that are conducted in live streaming format in more than half of all classes.
ZOOM is used for class delivery.
From the viewpoint of educational effectiveness, only-material-delivered type and on-demand type classes are not conducted.

MBS Courses: Timetable & Syllabus

Interdepartmental Courses: Timetable & Syllabus

In order to design a flexible and interdisciplinary curriculum that transcends the boundaries of the graduate schools, we established the "Interdepartmental Courses" in 2007. These courses are offered across all of the Graduate School's Master's and Professional Degree Programs.
*These courses are not hosted by MBS. The class schedule differs from the academic year of MBS.
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