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About Meiji Business School

Meiji Business School MBA Programme in Tokyo, JAPAN

Meiji Business School (MBS)
Officially named Graduate School of Global Business, Global Business Programme (Professional Graduate School)
Professional Degree Programme
Degree to be Awarded
Master of Business Administration (Professional Degree)
Number of Students Admitted
85 students
Weekdays, 7 periods, 9:00-22:00
Saturdays, 6 periods, 9:00-20:40
Two years
Conditions for Completion
Acquiring 46 or more credits and passing a master's thesis exam

Meiji Business School Mission

The basic purpose of the Graduate School of Global Business is to cultivate general managers possessing specialised knowledge and skills, analytical capabilities, value-creation skills, a broad perspective, strong ethical principles, leadership qualities, and a global outlook. These individuals are entrusted with the comprehensive management of organisations as managers and senior executives, contributing to the dynamism of the economy and society. Moreover, the school is dedicated to assuming a leadership role in society. To fulfill the trust bestowed on the school by society, the Graduate School of Global Business is committed to nurturing the following cadre of business professionals:

- Executives, Successors, and Support Personnel for Family Business Development
- Innovative human resources for start-up businesses, including new businesses and second-stage start-ups.

To better fulfil its educational objectives, faculty members conduct research covering corporate and organisational management, as well as family business and startup business. The school provides a collaborative space for students and faculty, a platform for students' autonomous learning in practical and theoretical aspects, an avenue for career change, and a space for business matching.

Accreditation & Membership

EFMD Accredited | MBA

Meiji University Business School (MBS) is the first business school in Japan to receive EPAS accreditation in 2018 from EFMD, a prestigious accreditation body for business schools (headquarters: Brussel, Belgium) and renewed it in 2021.
EFMD Accredited is a system to accredit a business school programme. The EPAS review board consisting of multi-national specialists assesses via 80 items as internationality, syllabus, strategies, quality of education and research of the programme. According to the assessment, the EFMD
Programme Accreditation Board comprised of business schools and corporations from more than ten countries makes the final decision.
We believe that MBS has been accredited as an EFMD Accredited MBA programme due to the installation of clusters specialized for education on the operation of family businesses and start-up businesses, clarification of ILOs (intended learning outcomes), offering of specialized courses in English, installation of credited, short overseas field studies for students, an excellent instructional system from professors to students, appropriate management and operation of the school based on a long-term plan all of which are based on Meiji University grand design.
We will continue to proactively interact with business schools with EFMD memberships from all over the world and exchange information, in order to solidify our position so that the MBA education offered by MBS meets or exceeds international standards in comprehensive practical education as well as in the specialized fields of family businesses and start-up businesses.

EFMD Website:

Full Membership of Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools (AAPBS)

MBS has been a full member of AAPBS (Association of Asia-Pacifi Business Schools) for a long years, whose head office is in Seoul, Korea. The primary purpose of the AAPBS is to provide leadership and representation to advance the quality of business and management education in the Asia-Pacific region.
MBS has been trying to aquire the advanced knowledge about business and management by the communication with business schools around the Asia-Pacifi region as a member of AAPBS and also applying these knowlede to the higher education for MBA in MBS.

AAPBS Website:

JUAA Accreditation for Business Schools

The Japan University Accreditation Association (JUAA) is a voluntary organization of higher education institutions. Taking several U.S. accreditation agencies as a model, it was established in 1947 under the sponsorship of 46 national, local public and private universities.
MBS is accredited by JUAA with the professional graduate business schools during the term between in Apr., 2024 and in Mar., 2029.


Access / Timetable

Access to Surugadai Campus

MBS holds classes in Academy Common Bld. on Surugadai Campus, which is located a three-minute walk from Ochanomizu Station on JR and other lines. With excellent access from Marunouchi (Tokyo Station), Shinjuku and other major Tokyo office districts, this is the best location for an MBA in Japan.
1-1 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8301
[Access from the nearest station]
3 minutes on foot from JR Chuo/Sobu Line and Subway Marunouchi Line, Ochanomizu Station
5 minutes on foot from Subway Chiyoda Line, Shin-Ochanomizu Station
5 minutes on foot from Subway Mita, Shinjuku, and Hanzomon Lines, Jimbocho Station

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Timetable / Courses

Semester Course: 1 class/week 15 weekdays or 14 Saturdays
Quarter Course: 2 consecutive classes/week, 8 weekdays or 7 Saturdays

 Period Weekday 6th-7th 90 min.×15 weeks Saturdays 100 min.×14 weeks
1st 9:00 ~ 10:40 9:00 ~ 10:40
2nd 10:50 ~ 12:30 10:50 ~ 12:30
3rd 13:30 ~ 15:10 13:30 ~ 15:10
4th 15:20 ~ 17:00 15:20 ~ 17:00
5th 17:10 ~ 18:50 17:10 ~ 18:50
6th 18:55 ~ 20:25 19:00 ~ 20:40
7th 20:30 ~ 22:00 -


Compulsory Core Course Group

The compulsory core courses group develops the wide range of fundamental knowledge and skills in management that a general manager should possess, and builds a solid foundation in order to take specialised courses. Students must take 10 credits from the courses below until graduation.
Fundamentals of Finance
Fundamentals of Management
Fundamentals of Accounting
Fundamentals of Marketing
Global Business Studies

Specialised Course Group

The specialised course group is set to learn new knowledge and skills necessary for future corporate management and operations, as well as to advance specialised knowledge and skills in 5 areas. With practical learnings and case studies, students develop professional insight in a specialised area while cultivating abilities to identify and solve problems. We also offer around 60 courses taught in English for enhancing English proficiency in business scene.
Management Area
Marketing Area
Accounting & Tax Accounting Area
Finance & Real Estate Area
Business Law Area

Graduation Requirement / Master’s Thesis

Students are required to pass the examination on master’s theses for the MBA degree. They write their theses as a culmination of the study in MBS under supervision by a professor in thesis tutorial courses in their second year. The format of theses is not limited to academic papers. “Business models creation” and “Case analyses” can be available.

Entrance Exam

Meiji University Business School offers both April and September enrolment. It is possible to consider the timing of admission to the MBA School according to your work schedule.
Enrollment Quota 85 students (Total of I term, II term, and Autumn Term)
Enroll in 1st April 20th September
Exam I term II term Autumn term
Language Japanese Japanese Japanese or English
Exam date
Mid of November
Mid of February
End of July
Accept Application during From Mid to End of October From Mid to End of Januanry From End of June to Beginning of July

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