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Curriculum Outline

Enabling flexibility according to the purpose of each individual

(1) Compulsory Courses Group and (2) Common Courses Group

 The compulsory courses group and the common courses group are established to learn primary knowledge and skills for corporate management and occupational fields from a wider perspective without being fixed on expertise in a limited scope of areas.
It is possible to learn not only primary knowledge required in taking special courses, but also quantitative, systematic, and behavioral analytical methods by taking compulsory courses and others. To foster business professionals with extensive knowledge, we requires students to complete five compulsory courses (10 credits) by the time they finish the programme. We have begun offering the compulsory courses below in medium of English so that we are able to provide our students with more opportunities to learn theoretical courses in English.

-Introduction to Financial Modeling
-Introduction to Management
-Fundamentals of Accounting
-Fundamentals of Marketing
-Global Business Studies


(3) Special Courses Group

The special courses group is set to learn new knowledge and skills necessary for future corporate management and operations, as well as to advance specialized knowledge and skills in each occupational field. In courses of thesis tutorials and case studies, students develop professional insight in a specialized field while cultivating abilities to identify and solve problems through group discussions and tutorials. These efforts enable them to build a keen awareness of problems unique to their specialized occupational fields.

(4) Thesis Tutorial (Seminar)

Students are required to submit a master’s thesis for the MBA degree. Such a thesis is not limited to research papers from an academic standpoint, and various forms are allowed, including survey analyses on problems in industries and workplaces and learning outcome reports on technologies required professionally or in the future. With the thesis tutorial, not only thesis-writing skills but also the critical thinking and analytical abilities are improved through in-depth discussions and tutorials on an issue of each student’s interest.

Two Clusters (Family Business Cluster & Start-up Business Cluster)

We have introduced the concept of “clusters,” which is a cross-sectional study model, in addition to the existing academic specialties. Now, we have started two clusters: “family business” and “start-up business.” These are mechanisms intended to offer a place where any researchers, our students and alumni who are interested in these fields can discuss in a comprehensive manner without being fixed on a narrow expertise of course.

Get-together for start-up and family business clusters

Participants in the clusters regularly gather and have a get-together including panel discussions and a networking party. Students and alumni in a particular area and the faculty members meet and hold discussions from diversified standpoints in order to share knowledge.



Our Courses Taught in English, 2019

Course List

 Introduction to Financial Modeling  Introduction to Management
 Fundamentals of Accounting  Fundamentals of Marketing
 Global Business Studies  Business Communication
 Business Analysis (Seminar)  Business Tax
 Transnational Management A/B  Family Business A/B
 Human Resource Management A/B  International Marketing A/B
 Service Marketing A/B  Information Ethics A/B
 E Commerce A/B  Information Science A/B
 Organizational Psychology A  Business Management and Organization 1A/B
 Management Control Systems A/B  Business Management and Organization 2A
 Corporate Finance A  Investments A/B
 Financial Accounting A/B  Financial Statement Analysis A/B
 Organization Behavior A  Strategic Management A/B
 NGO/NPO Management  Macroeconomics A/B
 Politics and Economics in East Asia  International Economics and Finance
 Private Sector Development  Qualitative Research Methods
 Elementary Academic English  Intermediate Academic English (Writing)
 Intermediate Academic English (Com)  Advanced Academic English
 Thesis Tutorial 1/2  


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