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Three Target of MBS

YAMAMURA Yoshiro, Dean, Professor

Meiji University Business School (MBS) primarily targets the development of human resources to encourage dynamism of the Japanese economy and society and has established a research and education system (curriculum design and other matters) to this end. We have achieved an international accreditation for business schools (EFMD Accredited MBA), meeting the international educational standards and have set 3 targets to foster human resources.

The first target is to foster successors and support personnel for the development of family businesses. Candidates for successorship who are not general managers cannot become good business managers, even if they excel at something. I believe we can contribute to the business continuity and the development of local communities through the cultivation of excellent successors.

The second target is to foster personnel who are going to start up new business. We believe that they are resources to revitalize the society and enterprises, and they are not only personnel who start new enterprises but also the one who are responsible for new business creation and second start-up inside the company they are working for. Interaction between them will lead to realize the better society.

The third target is to provide opportunities for people considering a career change to explore potential human resources paths. Further enhancing the value creation ability of individuals and promoting realignment with the place where that ability is exercised is key for revitalization of the Japanese economy.

MBS provides a variety of courses separated to 5 academic areas, “Management”, “Marketing”, “Accounting and Tax Accounting”, “Finance and Real Estate” and “Business Law” with our students so as to become general managers. To put it briefly, the above three targets are for the development of general managers. Taking over an existing company, launching a new company, and becoming a senior executive of an existing company: all these efforts can be said to be a programme for the development of general managers.At the same time, for the development of international business leaders, MBS is also providing as many English courses as necessary for graduation, and programmes with overseas business schools.

We, MBS, is a research and educational institution for the development of business professionals who bring innovation to the society through their business. MBS family including students, alumni and faculty discuss and inspire each other and create a place generating new ideas. Would you like to join us? We look forward to seeing you, who have an aspiration to enhance yourself for better career paths.

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