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Meiji Business School, Global Business Programme (MBA) Application Guideline

Important Notes

Updated: 2024/04/30
※Entrance exam informaion for each intake has been updated.
※The application by registered mail service is only acceptable. The application by email is NOT available.
※The entrance exam is going to be held on the venue in face-to-face. Online exam is NOT available.
※The entrance exam in English is ONLY held in July.

Exam for September 2024 Enrollment

Examination and Admission Procedures Schedule (September 2024 Enrollment)
Application Period
From 14 June 2024 to 24 June 2024
- Documents sent with a postmark on 24 June 2024 are eligible.
- Application documents from overseas must arrive at the Professional Graduate School Office, Meiji University by 26 June 2023
Examination Date
21 July 2024
- The venue is on Surugadai Campus, Meiji University
Exam Result Announcement
15:00(JST) 23 July 2024
- The applicant ID numbers offered admission will be posted on our website.
Deadline for Admission Procedures for Successful Applicants
24 July 2024 to 7 August 2024
- Payment of admission fee, tuituion fee, and any other relevant fees must be made by 7 August 2024.
- Designated Documents must be submitted by 7 August 2024.

Application Guideline and forms 2024

Application guideline and designated application forms for Graduate School of Global Business are now available from the following links. 

- All documents should also be printed out in A4 size (single-sided, black and white printing).
- In addition to the documents to be downloaded below, you will also need to prepare other documents by yourself. For more information, please refer to the application guideline.

Application Guideline Graduate School of Global Business, Application Guideline, Autumn 2024
*All applicants should read this guideline as carefully as possible.
Notice on Obtaining a “Student” Visa

Application Documents Name of Document Download Link
For all applicants a. Cover Letter Link
b. Application Form B Link
c. Application Form 1 Link
d. Application Form 2 Link
For relevant applicants
*if necessary
e. Letter of Recommendation from the Business (Form 3) Link
f. Application Form for Individual Eligibility Screening (Form 4) Link
g. Statement of Financial Resources (Form 5) Link

Meiji Business School Office (Professional Graduate School Office)
E-mail: guroken◆mics.meiji.ac.jp (please replace ◆ with @)

For Graduates from a University or Graduate School in China

Graduates from universities or graduate schools
- Follow the instructions below about all universities or graduate schools that an applicant graduated from.
- Both certificates in English as below (a) and (b) sent by email directly to MBS by China Higher-education Information and Student Information (CHSI) or Japan Office of CHSI.
(a) Verification Report of China Higher Education Student’s Academic Transcript
(b) Online Verification Report of Higher Education Qualification Certificate
- Please apply to CHSI to issue each certificate in English. The documents in other language than English cannot be acceptable.
(CHSI in China)
(CHSI in Japan)
- Please note that each certificate must be sent by email directly to MBS. Certificates forwarded to MBS by applicants are invalid.
(MBS Email address) guroken◆mics.meiji.ac.jp *Replace ◆ with @ to email us.
- The application for these documents needs designated fees by CHSI. (the details on the website)
- We can accept the certificates before the beginning of the application period and the deadline is the day before the interview.
- In case that the certificates don't arrive by the deadline, the applicant cannot take the interview.

Admission Policy

Qualities required of applicants

The Graduate School of Global Business aims to develop business professionals with specialist knowledge and skills, the ability to establish value, a broad perspective and a high sense of ethics, leadership and a global perspective. In the entrance exam, candidates are required to have sufficient motivation, potential and the ability to fulfil their professional potential, as well as a specific reason for applying and a concrete career plan. The presence or absence of special knowledge or skills related to the respective fields of study, as well as work experience, is not a prerequisite, but applicants are expected to have a strong awareness of business and management issues and a clear attitude towards setting independent learning achievement goals and learning processes, in order to develop human resources useful in management practice.

Eligible applicants

Applicants who have graduated or are expected to graduate from a university, or who are recognised by the school as having equivalent or higher academic ability are eligible. The school targets those who are responsible for the overall management of an organisation as a manager or senior executive of a company, or those who are in a profession requiring a high level of expertise (consultants, accountants, tax accountants, financial planners, etc.), those who are responsible for the management of family business development, successors and supporters, and those who are in new businesses, start-up businesses and innovations, including new and second-stage businesses. Work experience is not a prerequisite.

Points to note in the admission test

The entrance exam consists of a document screening and an interview. Prior to this, applicants are required to submit a statement of motivation, purpose of study and required expertise ('Application Form and Research Proposal'). In the interview, emphasis is placed on the expression of content, clarity of logic and other perspectives based on the aims of the school. The overall evaluation of the 'Application Form and Research Proposal' and the interview will be used to determine whether the applicants pass or fail.