Adjunct Faculty

Lecturers from Other Institutes of Meiji University

Name Title Responsible for
Takeshi Ikegami Professor of Graduate School of Professional Accountancy
Corporate Tax Law
Jun Ohtomo
Professor of School of Commerce
Business Marketing
Aki Nakanisi
Professor of School of Business Administration
Career Development
Jun Yao
Associate Professor of Undergraduate School of Commerce Fundamentals of Accounting
Koji Yoshimura
Dean of the Professional Graduate School, Professor of Graduate School of Professional Accountancy
Japanese Economics and Management


Name Title Responsible for
Yukihiro Adachi,  Operating Officer of Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting Donated Course by Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting
“Managerial Succession”
Rintaro Ishigami,  Lawyer Corporate Legal Affairs
Hidefumi Iwasa,  Former Vice President of Kirin Beer Brand Marketing
Kosei Okubo,  CEO of Sougyoutecho Co. Startup Business 1
Toshiko Oka,  CEO of Oka & Company M&A Practice
Katsue Okuda,  Real Estate Appraiser, Director of Ogata Appraisal Corporation Real Estate Appraisal
Tadashi Okumura,  Tax Accountant, Operating Officer of Yamada Consulting Group Donated Course by Yamada Consulting Group
“Tax Management (Business Succession, M&A, Asset Succession)” 
Naoto Odagiri,   Economic Analyst  Financial Systems, Business Communication 
Noriyuki Katayama, Partner, City-Yuwa Partners, Attorney-at-Law admitted in Japan and New York  Securitization Law 
Yukito Kato,   Representative Partner of Actus Tax Corporation  Introduction to Family Business 
Koji Koyama,   Former Partner of Accenture  ICT and Business Innovation 
Toshiro Sato,   Operating Officer of Jones Lang Lasalle  Global CRE Strategy Theory 
Naoaki Shida,   Representative Partner of Shida Investment & Management  Real Estate Development 
Shinji Suzuki,   Representative Partner and Tokyo Region General Manager of Houtoku Tax Accountant Corporation  Accounting for SME's 
Daichi Seki,   Public Certificate Accountant of Ernst & Young ShinNihon  Intellectual Capital Strategy 
Takaya Seki,   Professor at Faculty of Business Administration, Rissho University  Global Business Studies 
Atsushi Takahashi,   President of Takahashi Accounting Corporation  Accounting for Cash Flow Management 
Kazumitsu Takahashi, Representative Partner of UDS, Lecturer Undergraduate School of Policy Management of Keio University  E-Commerce 
Takashi Takenouchi,   President of TrendTrap Co.,Ltd.  Operation 
Chieko Tanaka,  Director of Besli Clinic  Health Care Management, Health Care Marketing etc. 
Connie Chang,  Associate Professor of Faculty of Global Studies, Musasino University   Fundamentals of Marketing 
K Tsuchiya, CEO of blkswn publishers, Inc. and show-kay, Inc.  Corporate Strategy 
Daisuke Terashima, Chief Consultant, Corporate Advisory Service Dept., Strategy Business Unit II  Donated Course by Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting
“Managerial Succession” 
Ryuichi Tomita, President of Tomita Research Institute of Corporate Finance, Certified Public Accountant  Corporate Valuation 
Satoshi Nakashima,  Operating Officer of Meiji Co., Ltd. Analyzing Marketing Environment 
Toshikazu Nakanishi,   Director of Corporate Practice  Corporate Governance 
Takashi Niikura,   Professor of Undergraduate School of Business Administration, Hosei University  Consumer Behavior 
Shusaku Hayakawa,   CEO of Ryukyu Asteeda Co. Startup Business 2 
Mitsuhiro Honda,   Professor of Graduate School of Business Sciences of University of Tsukuba  Business Tax 
Yuu Maeda,   Tax Accountant, General Manager of Business Succession Department, Capital Strategy Corporation, Yamada Consulting Group  Donated Course by Yamada Consulting Group
“Tax Management (Business Succession, M&A, Asset Succession)” 
Toshimasa Maruta,   Professor, College of Economics, Nihon University  Game Theory and Corporate Strategy 
Akira Mikami,   Corporate Auditor of Last One Mile Co., Ltd., CIA, CFSA  Internal Control, Audit and Corporate Ethics 
Elica Miwa,   Theatre Director, Actress, Writer, Translator, Acting Teacher  Self-Expression(Presence) 
Shinji Muraki,   Licensed Real Estate Appraiser, Real Estate Counselor, FRICS, Executive Fellow of Daiwa Real Estate Apprasal. Co., Ltd. Real Estate Practice and Tax System(Family Business), Corporate Real Estate Strategic Service Management, Thesis Tutorial 1&2
Tasuku Yamanoguchi,   General Manager of Hakuhodo Marketing System Consulting, Co-CEO of Hakuhodo Consulting  Data Driven Marketing 
Akihiko Watanabe,   Representative Director, President, Human Associates Holdings, Inc.  Human Asset Management 

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