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Visiting, Guest, Adjunct Faculty

Visiting & Guest Faculty

Name Lang. Title Responsible for
HAYASHI Akibumi JP Visiting Professor Quantitative Analysis of Human Resources
OKUBO Shohei  EN  Visiting Professor  Strategy for CFO and M&A Accounting 
OKUMURA Tadashi  JP  Visiting Professor  Tax Management (Business Succession, M&A, Asset Succession) 
MAEDA Yuu JP Visiting Professor Tax Management (Business Succession, M&A, Asset Succession)
ISHIKAWA Akira JP Visiting Professor Startup Business 2
ODA Hideki  EN  Visiting Associate Professor  Strategy for CFO and M&A Accounting 
OTSUKA Kumiko  JP  Guest Professor  Special Lecture Series 
FUSE Tsutomu JP Guest Professor Special Lecture Series

Lecturers from Other Institutes of Meiji University

Name Lang. Title Responsible for
IKEGAMI Takeshi JP  Professor of Accounting, Graduate School of Professional Accountancy
Corporate Tax Law
UTASHIRO Yutaka JP  Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration
Strategic Management
JP  Professor of Managerial Psychology, School of Business Administration
Career Development
NOGAWA Shinobu JP Professor of Professional Graduate School, Juris Doctor Course Fundamentals to Labour Laws 
HIRATA Jun jp Professor of Professional Graduate School, Juris Doctor Course Fundamentals to Succession Laws
EN  Professor, Undergraduate School of Commerce Fundamentals of Accounting
JP  Dean, the Professional Graduate School
Professor, Graduate School of Professional Accountancy
Japanese Economics and Management


Name Lang. Job Title Responsible for
ANEGAWA Tomofumi JP Professor, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Health Care Industry Management and Economics
ISHIGAMI Rintaro  JP Lawyer, External directors of MEGURU Co., Ltd. Corporate Legal Affairs
ITO Keisuke
JP Director of Mizuho-DL Financial Technology Co., Ltd.
Securities Investment
JP Visiting Researcher of The Dia Foundation for Research on Ageing Societies
Pension Management, Personal Finance
OGAWA Koji JP Certified Public Tax Accountant BETT Firm, OGAWA CPA Office, OGAWA LSSA Office Accounting for SME's
OGAWA Makoto
Design Thinking
ODAGIRI Naoto  JP/EN Economic Analyst  Financial Systems, Business Communication 
KATAYAMA Noriyuki JP Partner, City-Yuwa Partners, Attorney-at-Law admitted in Japan and New York  Securitization Law 
KATO Yukito  JP Representative Partner of Actus Tax Corporation  Introduction to Family Business 
KARIYA Masaharu JP Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Co., Ltd.  Nextcore Department business development Unit manager and Deloitte Tohmatsu Human Resources Co., Ltd.  Venture Support  Department  Vice president Business Innovation
KYO Eishi
JP/EN Lecturer, Graduate School of Professional Accountancy
International Accounting Practice, Business Analysis (Seminar)
SATO Toshiro JP Executive Officer of Jones Lang Lasalle  Global CRE Strategy Theory 
SHOJI Masato JP Professor at Faculty of Commerce, Takachiho University Service Marketing, Case Studies 2 (Marketing)
SHIDA Naoaki JP Representative Partner of Shida Investment & Management  Real Estate Development 
SUZUKI Shinji JP Representative Partner and Tokyo Region General Manager of Houtoku Tax Accountant Corporation  Accounting for SME's 
SEKI Daichi JP Certified Public Accountant of Japan
Auditor of Cyber Security Cloud , Inc. 
Intellectual Capital Strategy 
TAKAHASHI Atsushi JP President of Takahashi Accounting Corporation Accounting for Cash Flow Management 
TAKAHASHI Kazumitsu JP Representative of UDS Group E-Commerce 
TAKENOUCHI Takashi JP Representative Director, Trend Trap Co. Operation 
TANAKA Chieko JP Director of Besli Clinic  Health Care Management, Health Care Marketing etc. 
CHANG Connie EN Associate Professor, Department of Global Business, Musashino University. Fundamentals of Marketing 


JP CEO of blkswn publishers, Inc. and show-kay, Inc.  Corporate Strategy 
TOMITA Ryuichi JP President of Tomita CPA Office, Certified Public Accountant Corporate Valuation 
NAKA Mayami JP Senior Consultant, COMTEC22 Business Marketing
NAKASHIMA Satoshi JP Senior Adviser Meiji Co Ltd. Senior Executive Director Japan Advertisers Association Inc., President Japan Joint Industry Committee for Digital Advertising Quality & Qualify Analyzing Marketing Environment 
NAKAYAMA Toshiyuki JP Director, MUFG Bank, Ltd. Fundamentals of Mathematics for Business, Data Scientist Fundamentals with Python
Marco PELLIZZER EN President and CEO, American Express Global Business Travel Nippon Travel Agency International Business
MATSUSHITA Koji JP Professor, Faculty of Economics, Gakushuin University Consumer Behavior
MARUTA Toshimasa JP Professor, College of Economics, Nihon University  Game Theory and Corporate Strategy 
MIWA Elica JP Theatre Director, Actor, Writer, Translater (English/Japanese)  Self-Expression(Presence) 
MURAKI Shinji JP Licensed Real Estate Appraiser, Real Estate Counselor, FRICS, Muraki Property Service Innovation Labo. Representative, Senior Advisor of Daiwa Real Estate Appraisal. Co., Ltd. Real Estate Practice and Tax System(Family Business), Corporate Real Estate Strategic Service Management, Thesis Tutorial 1&2
YAMANOKUCHI Tasuku JP Senior Advisor, Brand Consultant Data Driven Marketing 
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