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Governance Research (Graduate School of Public Policy)

The goal of the Graduate School of Public gPolicy, "Governance Research", is to develop students into skilled professionals with a high degree of specialist knowledge and a broad, international perspective, to leverage the benefits generated by public policy education and research programs to support policy creation by local communities and governments, and to develop students into professionals with a high degree of specialist knowledge and an international outlook. The course is aimed at people involved in local politics and administration as well as international cooperation—heads of local government, assemblymen and women, civil servants, NPO and NGO staff and even corporate employees—as well as universities graduates seeking to enter the civil service and who have an interest in these areas of public policy.

We also offer courses in English for foreign students, including those on government scholarships or whose studies are otherwise funded by the government, as well as long-term government development aid trainees.

Public policy refers to the creation of policy based on collection and study of relevant materials and thorough analysis of policy issues in Japan and overseas. This is indeed a complex processing involving in-depth reviews of the policy-making process from planning through to finalization; consideration of how the process can be revised and streamlined to better meet its objectives (e.g., by having members of the community participate); simulation of how policies will play out in practice to gauge their feasibility in terms of meeting objectives; use of experimental policies to identify potential obstacles and their root causes; and policy revisions. Finally, or at least interannually, the results of the policy are collated and assessed.

The curriculum of the Graduate School of Governance Studies is designed in accordance with the policy process described above. It is structured so as to be easy to understand, and to develop students’ ability to create, implement and review policy. Core subjects are divided into groups: Policy Science (Group A) and the various educational subject groups that provide the background and base for policy science studies, including International Policy (Group B); Public Management (Group C), Legal Technology (Group D), Development Policy & Economics (Group E), and Environment & Community Policy (Group F). There is also Applied Policy Studies (Group G), in which students research specific examples of public policy, and Practical Seminars (Group H), in which students endeavor to improve their thesis-writing and presentation skills.

The goals of the Graduate School of Governance Studies Governance Course are to establish a new realm in the science of public policy, a comprehensive science that integrates the three existing major fields of study (politics and administration, economics and finance, and law), and to develop students into highly specialized educators armed with practical and technical knowledge.

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