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The Three Areas

The Graduate School of Governance Studies offers courses in three concentration areas: Public Policy, International Development Policy, and Community Planning and Management. In each of these areas, major topics of immediate relevance to contemporary world issues - including decentralization, “good enough governance,” citizen participation, sustainable development, economic development cooperation, regional development, and poverty reduction are discussed in a wide range of courses offered by our faculty members.

Public Policy

This area is about public policy processes, from identifying issues to formulating, implementing, and evaluating policy options. The knowledge and expertise in policy processes, including theories in political science, public administration, and organizational management fields are growing their importance in the field of public policy.

International Development Policy

Drawing on disciplines concerned with international economics and the environment, this focal area encourages students to analyze global issues of sustainable development and poverty reduction from different perspectives on social systems.  While market-driven development policies has achieved economic prosperity in many societies, they have  also exacerbated global problems such as environmental degradation and income disparity.

Community Planning and Management

Community is the field of practice where governance comes most closely in contact with people's lives. Community Planning and Management area is organized around the process of making, implementing, and evaluating policies for resolving global issues from local perspectives.  It also focuses on crisis management and the role of the community in responding to natural disasters and terrorism, which have been increasing in recent years.