Go Forward

Qualities Expected of Applicants

The Graduate School of Governance Studies aims to foster human resources who can respond to politics and public administration in the new era. Our goal is to foster professionals with advanced knowledge and perspectives, and to enhance such people’s ability to formulate and implement policies. In our entrance examination, we examine not only special knowledge or skills relevant to public policy and other related matters, but also potential abilities necessary for advanced professionals, and the possibility to fulfill such potential.

Eligible Applicants

Examinees must be university graduates or expected graduates, or those who are recognized by the Graduate School of Governance Studies as having an academic ability equivalent or superior to the foregoing people. In particular, those who are already working in a field of public administration such as incumbent legislators or public officials, those involved in activities of an NPO or NGO, business people who are working for a private enterprise, and those who are aiming to go into politics or to be public officials are our intended students.

Education Method

In order to realize a collaborative and participatory society in the coming era, faculty and students must, in consort, devise various measures and carry them out. To that end, our curriculums are designed not only to provide a fundamental grounding through theoretical study or otherwise but also to enable students to take the initiative in learning through case studies and presentations on ongoing issues. In order to implement this approach in a practical manner and at a high level, such personnel as faculty members with extensive practical experience in policy-making and implementation, legal experts such as experts in policy and legal affairs, or specialists in NPOs and NGOs teach courses. In addition, not a few faculty members with abundant experience abroad inspire graduate students to learn more by providing their international perspectives and interaction between faculty members and graduate students.

Notes on the Entrance Examination

The entrance examination consists of a written examination and an interview examination. Prior to that, applicants are required to submit a statement describing their motivation for applying for admission and the aim of their learning (Application for Admission and Study Plan). On the basis of the aim and goal of the Graduate School of Governance Studies, we examine examinees’ logical structure and ability to analyze problems. In the interview examination, we place much value on skills to deliver cogent presentations, logical clearness and other related elements.