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Dean of the Graduate School of Governance Studies, Yuriko Minamoto

Economic globalization brings better livelihood, but at the same time, it brings about inequal social development in a fierce competitive environment. Poverty, disparity, environmental destruction and social exclusion are global issues that all nations in the world are now facing. Those negative effects are widely observed not only in the national level but in local settings such as community, working place, school, and family. In other words, they directly affect people’s everyday life. It now becomes urgent that we strengthen the capacity of vari- ous actors involved in the public sector to facilitate effective implementation of policy and programs for well-being of people.

With this background, the objective of the Graduate School of Governance Studies is to train professionals capable of meeting political and public needs and solving the emerging social problems of the coming era. Our school is entitled “Governance Studies,” not “Government Studies,” to reflect the ideal of the political and administrative systems that are now taking shape. We propose the collaborative system among government, private sector and the not-for- profit/non-governmental sector to sustain a democratic and people-centered society.

Efforts to tackle these challenges are led by our three areas - “Public Policy”, “International Development Policy” and “Community Management”. A closer look at these areas shows that our school adopts an interdisciplinary approach and focuses on both theory and practice of a real world. The areas include case studies and presentations of updated policy formulation and implementation, while working closely with faculties who have extensive experiences both in international and Japanese public sectors. We believe those approaches are needed to train highly-skilled professionals capable of working in government, international organizations and the private and not-for-profit sectors.

We welcome highly motivated students who aspire in their careers to play a leading role in the public sector. Our mission is to pursue and develop both theory and practical solutions to support those students. We hope to work with you, challengers, to expand your thinking and enhance your ability to cope with a rapidly changing society in the world. After completion of our program, we can continuously work and build our network of “governance family” con- sisting of professionals from more than 20 countries.

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