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Intellectual Domain of People from Various Fields

Today, the environment of politics and administration is changing rapidly all over the world. People have become sensitive to their local administrations and as a result, cooperation between central and local governments is becoming more and more necessary. Now the traditional authoritarian way of problem-solving does not suffice in all situations, and citizens themselves are taking on more responsibilities.

The Graduate School of Governance Studies aims to nurture able persons who can reflect these vast changes in politics and administration and who can measure up to the demands they have created. The school offers a sound system of education for students wishing to become future authorities with a broad knowledge base on public policy making and administration. The school also cultivates an intellectual domain with people from various fields who have strong awareness to be administrative professionals and who have also come to recognize their purpose.

The school seeks such students as future mayors and civil servants, future parliamentarians, people from private firms and NPOs, and people who are willing to assume those roles in the future.

Society needs leaders who understand both macro theories and micro cases, so the curricula of our School emphasize case studies from all over Japan, as well as from other countries. With both a wide range of case studies and extensive theoretical research opportunities, the scope for the application of knowledge is almost limitless.


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