Wireless LAN Connection Service

About Wireless LAN Connection Service

Wireless LAN Connection Service lets you connect a notebook PC or other terminal to the university network (MIND) by wireless link.

By taking advantage of this connection service, you can use your own PC (one that supports wireless connection) to access a WWW server and view websites, to send and receive e-mail, to use online library services, or to make use of other basic services as well as the services provided by the university libraries and others.

Where Wireless LAN Connection Service Is Available

Account for Using Wireless LAN Connection Service

Wi reless LAN Connection Service can be used with a Common Authentication System Account.

Students and faculty already have a Common Authentication System Account and need no further procedures when using Wireless LAN Connection Service. Note that students, however, must have attended MIND orientation.

Persons not having a Common Authentication System Account (mainly research promoters, research assistants, and visiting fellows) will need to apply separately for a MIND Mobile Account. See here for details.

How to use WiFi Service

See here. (You can access it from within Meiji University)

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