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Information related to the earthquake

Mar. 15, 2011

We wish to take this opportunity to provide our heartfelt sympathy to everyone who has been affected by this disaster.
Meiji University is currently in the process of collecting as much information as possible and will respond to the situation promptly.
To those who have been affected we offer our sincere wishes for the earliest possible recovery from this disaster. 
To Meiji University students and their parents / guardians who were affected by the earthquake,

Assistance to current students as well as students expecting to enter Meiji University who have been affected by the earthquake

Meiji University has a program in place to offer tuition exemptions as well as scholarships to students (including graduate school) who have fallen victim to various disasters. We will also be implementing this program for this current disaster.
Details will be announced as soon as possible on our website and other forums.

To students expecting to enter Meiji University who have been affected by the earthquake,

We are ready and willing to provide all assistance possible to those of you who wish to enter our university in the 2011 school year, including the various admission procedures.
Various relevant departments are in the process of gathering information.
Details will be announced as soon as possible on our university website and other forums.

To All Students,

Advisory to refrain from entering campus grounds, and cancellation of the lending of university facilities

In view of the devastation caused by the Great Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake that struck on March 11, as well as of the subsequent power shortages and difficult transportation situation, we urge you to avoid going out unless it is absolutely necessary. Please refrain from entering the campus grounds unless in emergency cases.

For the time being, we will also discontinue the lending of facilities on our Surugadai, Izumi and Ikuta Campuses. Resumption of the lending of facilities will be determined after careful consideration of the ongoing situation.

Information on status events that are planned at the university will be provided, as required, on the Meiji University website.


Emails, etc., from senders posing as Meiji University to confirm and obtain personal information

It appears that emails from senders posing as university personnel are being sent to students of some universities, trying to obtain their personal information. These senders are pretending to be university officials, claiming to be trying to confirm the safety of students. We have yet to confirm if similar emails have been sent to Meiji University students. However, we urge all of you to exercise maximum caution by confirming the sender’s name and avoid sending back your personal and other information. Besides these emails, please make absolutely sure not to be misled by unconfirmed or suspicious information that appears to be circulating on the Internet. Please note that on 14th and 15th March, Meiji University sent a message through Oh-o!Meiji! portal website to all international students to confirm their safety.