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Visit by the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade

May 13, 2012

On May 10 Vice President Yu Guanghong and his delegation from the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade visited the Surugadai Campus of Meiji University and held an exchange of opinions with Vice President Estuko Katsu (in charge of international exchanges), professor in the School of Information and Communication Takeshi Suzuki, specially-appointed associate professor in the Organization for International Collaboration Takashi Sekiyama, and others about the state of progress of international collaboration and about student exchanges going forward.

In February 2011 a cooperation agreement was concluded between the two educational institutions, and the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade is planning to set up an exchange student center. Vice President Yu said “I want to further deepen exchanges between our two schools and hope you will allow us to study Meiji University’s systems for promoting internationalization.” Vice President Katsu introduced Meiji University’s initiatives for promoting the acceptance of exchange students, including the scholarship system, dormitories, and the opening of the Entry Support Desk , etc., and she also mentioned the opening of the Research Institute of International Education (RIIE) before going on to describe the current situation, saying “currently Meiji University is strengthening its internationalization and research, in terms of both hardware and software aspects.” Furthermore, when Vice President Katsu stated that “Meiji is focusing its efforts on sending exchange students overseas, and going forward we will also run programs to enable our students to teach the Japanese language and the culture of Japan overseas,” Vice President Yu expressed his hope for student exchanges between the two educational institutions going forward, saying “there are many students in our institute with a high level of Japanese language skills, so perhaps we can collaborate with you on that program.”