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Meiji University alumnus Keisuke Hada (a 2008 graduate of the School of Commerce) is awarded the Akutagawa Prize for his “Scrap and Build.”

Jul. 22, 2015

Mr. Keisuke Hada<br/>

Mr. Keisuke Hada
At a meeting of the judging panel held on July 16, the work “Scrap and Build” by Mr. Keisuke Hada was selected for the 153rd Akutagawa Ryunosuke Prize (sponsored by the Society for Promotion of Japanese Literature). Mr. Hada is an alumnus of Meiji University (he graduated from the School of Commerce in 2008).

Mr. Hada was born in Tokyo in 1985. In 2003, while a student at Meiji High School (affiliated with Meiji University), he was given the 40th Bungei Prize for his novel “Kokureisui.” He graduated from the Meiji University School of Commerce in 2008. Previous works of his nominated for the Akutagawa Prize were “Hashiru” (2008, for the 139th Prize), “Meet the Beat” (2010, for the 142nd Prize), and “Metamorphosis” (2014, for the 151st Prize). “Scrap and Build” was therefore the fourth of his works to be nominated, and he was finally awarded the prize.