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Announcement of the results for the 5th Student Showdown! e-Presen Contest (Spring 2015)

Jul. 29, 2015

Here’s the news you’ve all been waiting for!
The judging has been completed for the 5th Student Showdown! e-Presen Contest (Spring 2015), and the winners have been selected.
There were entries by a total of 21 teams, and all of them were fine efforts again this year. After the rigorous judging process, seven teams were chosen as deserving winners.

President’s Award & First Prize 
mild RAD
Rina YOSHIDA (School of Agriculture) 
Daisuke HARADA (School of Science and Technology)
Asuka SUZUKI (School of Agriculture)
Second Prize 
「Risou no Jyugyo」
Yurina MIZUKAMI (School of Agriculture)
Maho MIYAMOTO (School of Agriculture)
Akane SUGIUCHI (School of Science and Technology)
Kazuki NAKAMURA (School of Science and Technology)
Arata KOBAYASHI (School of Science and Technology)
Tatsuo Kishimoto Encouragement Prize 
Ying Lam AU-YEUNG (School of Information and Communication)
Nong ZHAO (School of Business Administration)
「What can we do?」(※)
  Yamato ISHIKAWA (School of Agriculture)
Ai IZUMI (School of Agriculture)
Akira USHITA (School of Agriculture)
Satomi MORITA (School of Agriculture)
SS Prize 
Minjung KIM (School of Commerce)
Yuna MARUYAMA (School of Commerce)
Ryo WATANABE (School of Commerce)
Chieko MITSUHASHI (School of Commerce)
Seiya OZAKI (School of Commerce)
Masato NISHINO (School of Commerce)
L'Agence France-Presse Prize
Kosumo TAKAGI (Graduate School of Governance Studies) 
Aung HTIN LINN (Graduate School of Governance Studies) 
Ganbaatar CHANTSALDULAM (Graduate School of Governance Studies) 

Click the title to watch the winning entries.
(※ = With subtitles.Press the closed caption (cc) button displayed in the lower right-hand part of the motion video
screen.The subtitles will then be displayed.)
You can also see the presentations by following the link sequence Gallery -> 2015 -> Spring Contest on the
official website e-Presen Contest

[About the award ceremony]
The award ceremony was held on 21 July (Sat.) at 6:00-7:30 PM, at the Tatsuo Kishimoto Hall on the 23rd
floor of Liberty Tower of the Surugadai Campus. President Fukumiya, Vice President Ito, and even Meijiro was at the ceremony!