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VIBE Program -Presentation at the Dutch embassy by Meiji University students and students from the EU

Sep. 15, 2015

Meiji University Group

Meiji University Group
The Vision on International and Business-related Education (VIBE) Program for international internship based on inter-university agreements for study abroad is being held jointly by Meiji University’s School of Political Science and Economics and J. F. Oberlin University. With the approach of the end of admissions for the first installment at the end of July, students from Rotterdam Business School and the University of Eastern Finland joined with students from the School of Political Science and Economics to make presentations on the results of the program at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Minato-ku, Tokyo, on July 22.
The European and Japanese students broke into two groups, one for Meiji University and the other for J. F. Oberlin University, and presented the results of their studies over the last semester on the topic “internationalization of small and medium enterprises. ”The Meiji University group made proposals on promotion of sales in the European market of pottery and sake from Mashikomachi and attraction of visitors from Europe to the town. The J. F. Oberlin University group made proposals on the development of new products and strategy for expanded sales by a long-standing T-shirt manufacturer in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, as well as on ways to give foreign tourists a better knowledge of the ward.
The Meiji University group’s presentation was based on their visit to a pottery kiln and sake brewery in Mashikomachi, Tochigi Prefecture, under the guidance of Dr. Kosaku Dairokuno, who is in charge of the program at Meiji University.They proposed ideas for attracting tourists to Mashikomachi from other countries. The proposals included the incorporation of the town into package tours to Nikko, which is a popular destination of tourists, to increase knowledge of it, and introduction of a bicycle rental service so tourists can visit the breweries and kilns at their own pace.

VIBE Program:
 The VIBE Program is executed with subsidies from the Industrialised Countries Instrument Education Co-operation (ICI-ECP) Programme implemented by the European Union (EU) and the Japanese government. It consists of a joint student exchange program with international internship under an agreement concluded by the four universities Meiji University, J. F. Oberlin University, Rotterdam Business School, and the University of Eastern Finland.